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Komaram Puli Audio Release Review and Trailer

Komaram Puli Audio released today at Novatel in Hyderabad. TV9 covered the function and Pawan Kalyan, AR Rahman , SJ Surya , Nikesha Patel, Chandrabose and others attended the function. CM Rosaiah is the chief guest of the program. Udaya Bhanu acted as host.


First of all TV9. What an idiotic channel we have. They should really learn how to cover a movie function. The way the function organised was huge and TV9 made it look arbit. They covered it like a news event. They should really grow up. And the fake background which was released on net as Puli background a year back was used by TV9 in between the program. Now you can understand what sort of quality standards this stupid channel has.

Next, Udaya Bhanu was the host. I got irritated all the time I was watching the show. We have Pawan and ARR on the stage and she shouts like a dog. What the hell was that? Anyways she is a usually the worst Telugu anchor. And our shows should really think about this dancers dancing in the middle of the show. What the fish? Some arbit guy acting as Pawan!! and infront of him. Come on...

Nagababu and CM gave decent talks.

As always the main attraction of the program are the candidates with stuff Surya, Rahman and Pawan.

Surya gave a kick start to the presentation ceremony in his own style. The words he spelt "I should not talk much about the movie, Movie should talk about it" was one of the highlights of his talk. You can see the positive relieved feeling on his face and his dedication towards work was really shown when he got so much involved that he started singing closing his eyes when the songs were being played. All the while he was seen pretty happy.

Rahman as usually gave a very small thank you note.

And surprisingly Pawan was the surprise of the show. Initially at the beginning of the program when TV9 anchor asked some stupid foolish questions Pawan just laughed!! It was like you idiots and your idiotic questions. Way to go Pawan. In the show he talked for about 15-20 minutes. The speech was very emotional and I bet you, you cannot get any other hero in Telugu industry there is no Hero with so much of conscience and conviction. For everyone who says Pawan Kalyan is an arbit fellow, they should watch the show and realize what he feels about the society. If you dont get it, feel pity for yourself. There are no hits or records talk. Those are most childish things and thats Pawan for you in his style. I dont want to put all the video links. I am just putting up the videos which has Pawan talking in them. Thanks to Youtube.

And Yeah One word can create waves even now. That is "MEGASTAR".

And here is the video of Trailer provided by Telugu one and ya HD quality. Way to go Teluguone.

And I already listened to the music, if some one tells you that they did not like the songs. Wait Wait , after 10 or 20 days you will find him saying hey the songs are good. And I tell you ARR did not disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

wow what a review!
This is what i felt while watching the function!

Anonymous said...

Nice review,,,,,

Downloads Unlimited!! said...

cool, really nice review..

Anonymous said...

He is the man !!
Yo ! the Jackiechan!!!
He is the king of the ANDHRA..
PawanKalyan Rockz.Hatsaf Pawan wat a trailer it is simply mindBlowing to al the Fans.

Anonymous said...

lot of expectations on puli

Anonymous said...

pavan looks very manly in PULI as Police

Anonymous said...

i heard the songs in abnandhrajyothy news channel just before the official release.sonags are good, rehman as usual composed good music. i watched the trailer it was good.

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