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Nagarajuna In & As KEDI (2010) Movie Review By Greatandhra

Film: Kedi

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Nagarjuna, Mamta Mohandas, Sayaji Shinde, Harshavardhan, Brahmanandam, Ankur, Anushka, Mehak, Linda, Poula, Pavala Syamala, Jayavani etc

Art: Srikanth Ramisetty

Action: Selva

Editing: Shravan

Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari

Music: Sandeep Chowta

Producer: D Shiva Prasada Reddy

Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction: Kiran

Released On: 12th Feb 2010

This is the much awaited film of big star in 2010. Expectations are pinned on this film after Adurs and Namo Venkatesa those did an ‘ok’ job at box office. Let us get into the details to know how it faired.


Ramesh, whose nickname is Rummy, gets into love with his friend Janaki in childhood itself. They spend good time together but Janaki advises him to grow powerful in society by earning big money. She also tells that she would marry him only then.

Rummy (Nagarjuna) becomes a gambler and starts earning. He betrays the men those become rich by false means through his gambling. ACP Sekhar (Sayaji Shinde) plans to catch Rummy but his attempts fail every time.

Rummy attracts Chandra (Ankur) who runs a pub and gambling in it. He settles a smuggling deal with Rummy and accomplishes that. In the meanwhile, in Goa, Rummy wins the heart of Linda (Nadia) as he saves her sister Sara (Poula) from a cruel man called Victor. Linda proposes to Rummy but he negates it.

On the other hand, Sandhya (Mamta Mohandas) helps Rummy in his missions. Who is Sandhya and what happened to Janaki? That is the suspense thread in the film that gets revealed in the climax.


Nagarjuna excelled as usual and there is no point to criticize him anywhere. He is looking younger year by year and that stands to be his USP.

Mamata Mohandas is just ok. She could have shined better being a glamorous quotient on silver screen. Costumes and make up could be better.

Brahmanandam brought many hopes whenhe entered but more was expected from him. Harshavardhan did good job.

Others are ok. Ankur in bad guy character did his best.

Cinematography is good. Editing is crisp and direction is commendable. Lyricist Chinni Charan wrote all the songs in the film and all are in tune with the contemporary taste of audience. But the music could have elevated the beauty of songs.


'Mayagadu raa ee Mayamashinda...' haunts venafter walking out from theatres.
'Mu mu muddante chedaa.. brought applauses in theatres


Too many twists confused the narration
Anushka appearance in introduction song is not in tune with expectations


This is the movie that has been in news ever since the announcement of its title. The stills with youthful get up of Nagarjuna pulled the attention of many and the first proposed title ‘Rummy’ also caught the attention. Later, it was announced that the title changed to ‘Mosagadu’ that sounded rugged and old. Finally another obsolete title ‘Kedi’ was zeroed in. Many felt ‘Rummy’ could be the ideal title for this film as the hero’s nick name is Rummy (Ramesh) and it is also a card game that denotes gambling, the main crux of the movie.

The director's lack of experiance is seen when he used the two energetic songs in the beginning itself. He might have used them in before the climax.

First half and second half go in similar tone with entertainment. The films like ‘Super’, where Nag played a role with negative tinge will be recalled while watching this.

Audiences sit with expectations when Anushka appears on screen with a special song imagining something in the standards of ‘bommali..bommali..’. But the expectations aren’t reached.

New director Kiran tried to give a full dose entertaining treat and he has failed to accomplish. It's confusing for masses. The love angle and emotions aren’t presented in a subtle way to attract class audience.

Bottom Line: Not Exciting

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