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Nikesha Patel's Sexy Profile

Name: Nikisha Patel

Nick Name: Nikki

Birthday – July 20

Height: 5.7”

Weight: 55

Native: Gujarat

Born and Brought up: London

Known Tamil Words: Po… Vaa

Top 5 Favorites: Hyderabad Biriyani, Sleeping, Lexus Car, Jeans-T Shirt, A.R. Music.

Unforgettable moment: Crowned as Miss Whales 2007

Bad Habits: Sleep

Things she hates: Late Night Party

Cell phone Model: Sony Ericson W902I

Does she prefer Bikini Acts: Definitely

One Tamil Film She watched: Vijay’s Villu

Nikesha Patel is dressed in a bright saree, she’s chewing gum and her assistant is giving her some final touches at a set in Annapurna Studios. This is not the first time she’s facing the camera. At 20, she has bagged many modeling assignments, participated in the Ms Wales and Ms World competition and now she is turning up the heat in her first film Puli with Pavan Kalyan.
At first glance, Nikesha is a subtle beauty, elegant in her looks and extremely stylish when she walks. In an exclusive chat, the NRI actress reveals that she’s loving south Indian films and has resolved to learn telugu soon.

Born and brought up in the UK, Nikesha has her mother coming from Gujarat and her dad from Kenya in Nairobi. She’s grown up on a diet of hindi films and must have watched a zillion before deciding to plunge into a mainstream telugu film as an actress. A fan of Madhuri Dixit, she says it doesn’t matter whether she’s doing a gujarati, hindi or a telugu film, big role or a small role…all it matters is if she’s doing a good one or not. She says, “I’m happy am going through the tough patches early. Telugu is alien to me but I’m determined to pick up the language soon.”

So how did she bag this role? Nikesha met director SJ Surya through a friend in Mumbai and he’d been impressed with her portfolios and acting skills. She’s more than happy with the entire set up, the strong story, the cast and crew.

She quips, “I’m lucky to be working with the best cinematographer Binodh Pradhan and yes, a great super star Pavan Kalyan. Though I haven’t heard of him I ‘ve done a lot of research lately and found him to be very popular in the UK.”

Nikesha loves just about everything to do with movies, the clothes, jewellery and she adds, “the dancing, the hair blowing,”. Her parents were very supportive when she decided to work in Puli but Nikesha says she gets tired easily doing nothing on the sets waiting for the next shot. About the film she adds that she plays a police officer who later on becomes a housewife.

\I do a lot of comedy too. The hero is a shy character and it’s my job to open him up. She says, “In real life too I’ve found the hero to be really reserved, he keeps to himself most of the time, reading a book when he finds time. I haven’t seen much of his work yet and I’m waiting to see him act.”

When she’s not shooting, Nikesha loves to go back home in London or catch up with her sleep in her hotel room. She’s not a party person and mostly keeps to herself watching a lot of reality shows on the small tube. In Hyderabad she hasn’t done much sight seeing but admits shopping for a lot of pearls. “But I didn’t miss tasting the hyderabadi biryani. The first thing I did after coming here was to get a taste of it and being an absolute foodie I loved it. I eat and I work out doubly hard.”…


First Time.......Pehli Baar

Director: Raja Bundela

Producer: SMC Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Cast: Raj Babbar, Nikesha Patel, Zeenat Aman, Satish Koushik, Sharath Saxena

Language: Hindi

Release Date: 2007

Komuram Puli

Director: S J Suriyah

Producer: Singamala Ramesh

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nikesha Patel, Manoj Bajpayee, Charan Raj, Nasser

Music Director: A R Rejman

Language: Telugu

Release Date: 2010, February

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all the best for PULI

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all the best....super dupet hit..block buster movie...ANANTAPUR YOUTH

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puli is going to break maghdheera's ineustry record........ going to be all time blockbuster of tollywood

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PULI we are waiting for you, waiting for your records also. RAMBABU(GUDIVADA)
Ne mundu vachina PILLULU kuda records kodutunnay, Ne super hit kosam waiting.

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i am waiting please come fast pawan.

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plz place a new pics defferent from others

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hi pawan kalyan i am ramamurthy from kuwait we are fance of yours waiting releasing PULI please don't be date to release all the best to all komaram puli unit.

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