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Ramoji's NINNU KALISAKA (2009) Movie Review by Greatandhra

Film: Ninnu Kalisaaka

Rating: 1.5/5

Banner: Usha Kiron Movies

Cast: Santosh, Chaitanya, Pia, Deepa Shah, Krishnudu, Anita, M S Narayana, master Bharath, Siva Nageswara Rao, Tarun master, Jagapathi Babu etc

Music: Sunil Kasyap

Cinematography: B L Sanjay

Editing: Gautham Raju

Art: Vivek

Director: Siva Nageswara Rao

Producer: Ramoji Rao

Release date: 02/10/2009

Ramoji Film City banner, Siva Nageshwara Rao’s direction, Ramoji Rao’s production, youth oriented story with new faces….would certainly raise some expectations. At least audiences assume that there would be a matured narration with streamlined thought. Let us see how far those expectations were reached.


A twisted tale of romance, the story is about two couples- Chandu (Chaitanya) and Bindu (Piya), Abhiram (Santosh) and Deepa (Deepasha). The story takes a turn when Abhiram and Bindu have to go to US on a project for three months and as fate would have it, they are on the same project.

Their friendship seems to be slowly developing into attachment and by the time the project is over, they feel that they are in love.

Are they really in love? What happens to the love that they are already in? All this forms the rest of the story.


Chaitanya has got very photogenic features and proved his mettle in dance. He dances better than many experienced heroes. He shows a promising future. But he needs to concentrate on continuity aspect. He looked soft and tender in some scenes and rugged with muscles in other. He needs to maintain uniformity through out a movie which he should learn.

Santhosh Samrat is sharp in features but needs to prove with dances and other mass oriented stuff to continue as actor in future. Experimentation with costumes is also not done well with this actor. Even in dances he appeared with cotton trousers!!

Piya and Deepasha are just average both in looks and performance as per present standards in demand.

Dialogues are very weak and sometimes confusing with all C-grade material. They have also filled the heads of audiences with negative energy. Songs are also feeble except ‘Dilse Dilse..’ and SP Balu’s song. Re Recording is also over loud.

Director Siva Nageshwara Rao appeared in Amitabh Bachchan’s get up in the film but couldn’t deliver the required stuff due to weak script. Cinematography and art departments worked well all over.




Everything except MS Narayana’s dialogues regarding his son and wife


The purpose is not at all served. No one understood why the movie was made. The movie would have dealt with more sincerity and commitment to touch the hearts of audiences. It’s lacked in spirit and hence lost the purpose.

First half is disgusting and the second half is repugnant. It’s hard to digest for sincere lovers and the audience those are not into love would lose faith on that after watching this movie.

It’s a painful experience for audience and not at all a gainful product for makers.

Verdict: Poor film with Ramoji Rao’s stamp?!!!

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