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Prabhas In & As EK NIRANJAN (2009) Movie Review


Rating: 3/5

Banner: Adithya Ram Movies

Cast: : Prabhas, Kangana Ranaut, Sonu Sood, Tanikella, Makrand Deshpande, Mukul Dev, Posani, Ali, Brahmanandam, Brahmaji, Abhinayasri, Sunil, Venu Madhav etc

Music: Mani Sharma

Cinematography: Shyam K Naidu

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Producer: Adithya Ram

Release Date: October 29, 2009


A regular tale, the story begins with Chotu (prabhas) who works for the police department, unofficially. He keeps tracing out criminals, catching them and takes his commission from the cops. On the other hand, he is also on the lookout for his parents and for that, he looks after Chidambaram (makrand) the man who brought him up since he knows about the parents. The story takes a turn when Sameera (kangana) enters into his life and after some hide and seek, they fall in love. Johnny Bhai (sonu sood) is a dreaded don and he is on the lookout for Kailash (mukul) and his paths cross with Chotu due to a sequence of events. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a formula storyline and though the presentation was okay, the narrative was not upto the mark. The dialogues are good in places, the script was inconsistent and the screenplay was alright. Background score was good and songs were nice. Cinematography was standard. Editing could have been better, costumes and art department did their bit as required. Prabhas gave a good performance but he must be careful not to get repetitive with his body language and dialogues, Kangana looks sweet but she is not that good looking, make up was a defect, Sonu Sood was worth watching and he has given a good performance, the comedy track of Ali, Brahmanandam, Abhinayasri was dull, Sunil was brief, Venu Madhav was regular, Makrand was underutilized, Posani was eccentric, Tanikella was as usual. The others just came and went.


The film is a typical Puri flavor and has multiple tracks running. However, there is not much voltage in it and there are no great scenes that really catch the chord with the audience. While the first half is light hearted with comedy, romance and some action, the second half goes about with the routine process and ends with an abrupt climax. Romance was weak, comedy was stale. The film doesn't have much for family audience and mass would relate to it. This will be an average grosser at the box office.

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