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BUMPER OFFER (2009) Movie Review by Greatandhra

Film: Bumper Offer

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Sai Ram Shankar, Bindu Madhavi, Sayaji Shinde, Rakhsa, Chandra Mohan, Kovai Sarala, Ali, Venu Madhav, Khayyum etc

Fights: Ram-Laxman

Art: Chinna

Editing: MR Varma

Camera: Sree Ram

Choreography: Dinesh, Sobha

PRO: BA Raju

Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Music: Raghu Kunche

Story and Dialogue: Puri Jagannath

Screenplay, Direction: Jaya Varma

Released On: 23rd Oct 2009

The much publicized film that tuned most popular with the super hit song ‘Ravanamma’ has released today. Let us see how it faired well.


Sai (Sai Ram) is a motor mechanic. His father (Chandramohan) works as a clerk in a construction company owned by a rich real estate lord Surya Prakash (Sayaji Shinde). Surya Prakash’s daughter Aishwarya (Bindu Madhavi) is an arrogant girl. Consequences make Sai and Aishwarya love together. How Surya Prakash reacts to that forms the main story. He gives Sai an offer that he is ready to give his daughter to him if he can earn at least half of his property. But Sai says that if financial status is the barrier for marriage, he would bring down Surya Prakash to his standard. Things move accordingly in second half and finally how Sai gets success is the climax.


Sai Ram:
He groomed to some extent but stills needs to be. His hair style and costumes are in tune with the character he played but his dialogue delivery is pitiful. He is not appealing for any set of audiences with that. He needs to get trained in diction part.

Bindu Madhavi:
She looked spicy and perfectly gelled well in arrogant role. Director proved successful in giving a different look for her and broken the jinx of family look that she acquired with ‘Avakai Biryani’.

Raksha is ok as rich mother of heroine and Sayaji also grooved well in his part. Chandramohan and Kovai Sarala did their part as parents of poor hero.

Ali and Venu Madhav could bring only minimum laughs with their Magadheera spoof, although there is better scope.

Music is good and trendy. Dialogues are good, screenplay is normal and direction is average.


Lyrics in ‘Ravanamma..’
Dialogues to some extent

Hero’s diction


The movie is a reverse of Chiranjeevi’s ‘Challenge’. The protagonist in this denies the offer given by his rich lover’s father to become rich and marry his daughter. But in turn he gives a bumper challenge that he would bring that rich man to his level (poor) to marry his lover as financial status is the only barrier for their marriage.

The scope to make it a wonderful entertainer is very big. But this movie is limited only to a few laughs. The entertainment graph has been up and down since the beginning. A few scenes like when heroine beating the hero with stick received good response. The credit goes to dialogues there.

The ‘Magadheera’ spoof of Ali and Venu Madhav started with promising entertainment but that ended up very weak. There are no thrills and chills and everything goes as predicted. On a whole, the exercise is done but that’s not sufficient for this type of film.

The take off is good, first half ends up with a powerful interval bang. The second half goes as expected and finally it ends up as predicted. The film could have raised interest levels with more humor in it. To sum up, it ended up as a mundane treat.

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