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Nithin and Ileana starring RECHIPO (2009) Movie Review by Greatandhra

Film: Rechipo

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Nithin, Ileana, Ahuti Prasad, MS Narayana, Sunil, Raghu Babu etc

Choreography: Prem Rakshit

Music: Mani Sharma

Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Fights: Selva

Art: Babji

Producer: GV Ramana

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Paruchuri Murali

Released On: 25th Sep 2009

Nithin and success star Ileana have come up today with ‘Rechipo’. Has the movie got the potential implied in title to bulldoze box office? Let us see.


Shiva (Nithin) is a young thief who robs from stinking rich and distributes that among poor and needy. He learns that there is Rs 500 Cr in Home Minister’s house. He chalks out a plan and robs that. But that amount is the one seized by police from mafia gang those earn through Cricket Betting.

Knowing that his men were arrested and Rs 500 Cr was seized, the mafia head in Dubai kidnaps Home Minister’s daughter Krishna Veni (Ileana) and demands to release his men and pay back Rs 500 Cr immediately.

Then Shiva, who also happens to be the love interest of Krishna Veni flies to Dubai, fights with mafia dons and rescues her. But what happens to Rs 500 Cr? Did he give that back? That forms the climax.


Nithin: He is ok with respect to dances and projecting his physical fitness. But he needs to upgrade a lot in dialogue delivery.

Ileana: Ileana’s screen presence is good but could be better with quality cinematography.

Ahuti Prasad is ok as Home Minister and Bhanuchander is needless as Police Commissioner.

MS Narayana scored well as comedian but Sunil is below average. Raghu Babu’s comedy is disgusting. There is problem with timing in dialogue in some scenes.

Director failed to bring in conviction to his narration. He failed by projecting heroine’s father as Home Minister. He would have shown him as a big businessman for normal believability. How can Home Minister dare to depend on a thief to bring back his kidnapped daughter from mafia dons? What happens to his system and influence in Government level? And Police Commissioner too standing dumb and depending on young thief…..hero killing the villain by battering on his head and hero standing strong even though a bullet hits on left side of his chest…blah blah blah. The story cannot deserve a place even in any children’s stories book of this present juncture.

Production Values

Story Line
Comedy by Raghu Babu
Excessive usage of graphics


It’s a full dose masala movie but spice less. The line, narration and histrionics are obsolete and not gripping. It’s the film made with routine formula of songs, fights and comedy scenes. But the conviction is missing on a whole although ok when looked at bits and pieces.

The story line chosen is much below the conviction level. Home Minister and Commissioner taking the help of a thief to get back the minister’s kidnapped daughter from Dubai from the clutches of international mafia dons……..!!! That’s not an exciting theme for contemporary mass audience.

On a whole, it’s a movie made with rich production values but the patronage of targeted audience is doubtful. It may not be a safe project with respect to budget incurred and output delivered.

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