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Nani (Ashta Chemma Fame) 's Snehituda (2009) Movie Review

Film: Snehithuda

Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Nani, Madhavi Latha, Nazzer, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana etc

Dialogues: Bhashasree

Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh

Dance: Swarna Babu

Art: Suresh

Cinematogrpahy: Vasu

Music: Sivaram Shankar

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Satyam Bellamkonda

Released On: 7th Aug 2009

It’s the movie that has hit the screen with the hero and heroine those have success record with their first films Asta Chemma and Nachchavule respectively. Obviously that aura has pulled the audiences to theaters to some extent. Let us see how it entertained the audiences.


Sai (Nani) is an orphan who lives in different houses secretly when the owners go away on tour!! He grows up that way (and indeed there is a clash with an episode that he says himself that he has grown up in an Orphanage).

He happens to meet Savitri (Madhavi Latha) in one of his trysts in a bungalow. She falls in a trouble and hence seeks help from Sai.

What’s the problem? How Sai solves that for her? And how Sai becomes a key in her life has to be watched on screen.


He has shouldered the movie with his ease in action and perfection in dialogue delivery. But there is suggestion for him. He has to work on his body and go for grooming. He is looking very mundane which should be corrected for better mileage on silver screen.

Madhavi Latha:
She is active with fire in eyes. She suits better for arrogant roles and also proved that she can carry pathos also well.

Others are ok in their shoes. Nazzer’s character entertained with his teenage love episode. Tanikella Bharani is ok in his guest appearances. The young villain appeared in this flick did well and his performance is up to the requirement although there is nothing new in histrionics.

Technical Departments:
Music is average and the song ‘Inthaki Nuvvevaru…’ is catchy. Even the pathos version also deserves a mention. Production values are poor and the cinematography is also weak.


Introduction scene with partly color and fully black and white is good
Pawan Kalyan and Charmy elements add mass entertainment value
Nazzer’s flash back episode with Apoorva is entertaining


Obsolete treatment


It is a reasonable attempt with formula line, but not a very wise one. It’s not a blunder and at the same time may not do wonder at box office. In single line to say, it’s not bad.

The best part in this movie is that there is no elastic narration. Everything has fallen in right pace. The take off is interesting but the interval break leaves no enthusiasm. But second half generates some interest with Nazzer’s flash back episode. Nani’s performance is the best part in the film without which this film wouldn’t be a film that makes people watch till its end.

The humor elements can be far better for the subjects of this sort.

On a whole, it’s just an average show that deserves pass mark.

Bottom Line: Watch it if you have some time to kill

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