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Gang Leader (1991) Movie Profile

Gang Leader is a very popular Telugu film of megastar Chiranjeevi. The movie was released on 9 May 1991 and directed by Vijaya Baapineedu. It was a box office success.

Gangleader is a box office hit. That time it created a sensation in the film industry. It received houseful collections in all theatres inwhich it was released. Mega star Chiranjeevi’s mass appeal in this movie attracted audience in drove. The story is good and interesting. Fights and dances of chiranjeevi in this movie are really superb. The performance of chiranjeevi is excellent. Story is about a unemployed young and dynamic personality who has small gang of four members. Good comedy, excellent music, good story, good screenplay, good fights and dances are the key factors in the success of this movie.


Chiranjeevi .... Rajaram
Vijayashanti .... Kanyakumari
Raogopal Rao .... Ekambaram
Kaikala Satyanarayana .... Jailer
Allu Ramalingaiah.......Sidhanthi
Nirmalamma.........Sabari(Rajaram's grandmother)
[Deva raj]] .... Kanakambaram
Murali Mohan .... Raghupati
Sarath Kumar .... Raghava
Sumalatha .... Raghava's Wife
Sudha.............Lakshmi(Raghupati's wife)
Narayan Rao
Hari Prasad
Maharshi Raghava


Director: Vijaya Baapineedu
Writers: Vijaya Baapineedu(Story & screenplay), Paruchuri Brothers (dialogues)
Producer: Maganti Ravindranath Chowdary
Music: Bappi Lahari
Cinematography: Lok Singh
Lyrics: Veturi & Bhuvana Chandra
Playback singers: S.P. Balasubramaniam & K. S. Chitra
Choreography: Prabhu Deva

Gang Leader Songs

* Papa - Rita by Balu
* Paala Bugga by Balu, Chitra
* Badarchalam by Balu, Chitra
* Vana Vana by Balu, Chitra
* Vayasu Vayasu by Balu, Chitra
* Panisasasa by Balu, Chitra

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