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One Year of Praja Rajyam: All the Best for Future

One year that means 365 Days was a big period in human life but not in history.Praja Rajyam was started for creating new history in andhra politics.Actually Praja rajyam created tsunami at the time of entry into politics, but lack of experience and proper guidance lead chiranjeevi failed to achieve majority seats in 2008 assembly elections. All the other political parties and the media made statements that "after elections, chiranjeevi will be back to movies".But chiranjeevi shows great commitment in any work he doe.As we know he did not become Megastar in a single night, but due to his 30 years of struggle. In politics too he knows to reach the goals or aims. But it will take some period.As a citizen I hope that Chiranjeevi must change his attitude in present politics and offer chances to young and new people who have good commitment to work for people.

Chiranjeevi started Prajarajyam party, PRP on 26 august 2008 and contested in assembly elections in a short period and got 70,00,000 of votes which is 17% of total polled votes.But they got only 18 M.L.A seats. Most of the people expected Chiranjeevi party will create new history in andhra politics. But they failed in getting majority of seats in assemly because of bad selection of candidates, negative publicity by media, lack of experience.Any how one year completed.In this one year Chiranjeevi has not played an active role in running politics.For this reason media decided that PRP is favourable to congress. Eenadu predicted PRP joining in congress which was a huge gimmick made by Eenadu. The only reason for all these gimmicks and false news is the soft nature of Chiranjeevi. But its not the way with politics. So I hope that Chiranjeevi must change his attitude and should be the best opposition leader now and then become people's leader in the future.

All the very best to PRP and Chiranjeevi from Early Tollywood

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