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Its a Historical Wonder : Exclusive : MAGADHEERA (2009) Movie Review : By Great Andhra

Film: Magadheera
Rating: 4/5
Cast: Ram Charan, Kajal, Dev Gil, Srihari, Surya, Sarath Babu, Sunil, Brahmananadam, Hema, Chiranjeevi, Kim Sharma, Mumaith Khan, Subbaraya Sharma, Rao Ramesh etc
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Music: Keeravani
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar
Fights: Ram Laxman and Peter Heins
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Keeravani and Bhuvanachandra
Released On: 31st July 2009

The much awaited ‘Magadheera’ has arrived. It has created huge expectations by the virtue of its posters, trailers and above all the music. Finally let us see if it has reached those expectations.

Harsha (Ram Charan) is a young man who earns money on bike races and bets. He loves such adventures on two wheelers. He happens to touch the hand of a young girl Indu (Kajal) accidentally and that ‘soul touch’ connects his present to the past.

What’s the past?
That’s 1609 AD when Kalabhaiarava (Ram Charan) was the warrior in Udaigarh who trains the soldiers. The Senadhipathi Randheer (Dev Gil) lusts on Yuvarani Mitravinda (Kajal) but the latter loves Kalabhirava. That results in a huge battle between Randheer and Kalabhairava which puts end for their lives. Sher Khan (Sri Hari), the Muslim invader witnesses the valor and love of Kalabhairava and salutes to him.

They take rebirth as Harsha and Indu. And many characters from the past also come to present with the soul connectivity. But where? What happens to them? How the past life matters for them in present life?

That has to be watched on big screen to experience the marvelous treat along with unleashing those queries.

Ram Charan:
He stood as an icon of macho look. He portrayed the 1609 AD role, Kalabhaiarava, with right bearing and voice modulation. Chiranjeevi’s yester year’s voice echoed in the ears of audiences with that modulation of Ram Charan for that character. His dances are spellbinding, especially in ‘Bangaru Kodi petta..’.

She is the right choice and perfect blend. Her elegance is amazing in queen’s role.

Sri Hari:
His portrayal as Muslim warrior Sher Khan is quite wonderful. He added value to the movie on a whole.

Dev Gill:
This Bollywood villain has shared screen in the main antagonist role. He proved perfect particularly in ‘past birth role’.

Sarath Babu is ok in the role of old king, the father of Yuva Rani Mitravinda.

Rao Ramesh perfectly grooved in the role of Aghora Sadhu with apt gait and voice modulation

Brahmanandam and Hema got wasted

Sunil’s comedy is ok to large extent

Technical departments:
The movie deserves right mention for music, sound effects, graphics, 3D effects, Cinematography and Choreography. What not! Every technical faculty has rightly worked on this film. Director Rajamouli should be appreciated for his guts to bring such a massive film on Telugu screen.

Allu Aravind should be esteemed for his wonderful production values.

Music And Lyrics:
Keeravani and Chandrabose have created wonder with music and lyrics. Every word has aptly grooved into the situation in finest musical form.

Jorse Jorse is like a sheer poetry drawn on a canvass

Naakosom Juttu Peekkunte (written by Keeravani) is hilarious and entertaining

Panchadaara Bomma will be one of lifetime melody hits in Ram Charan’s filmography

Bangaru Kodi petta (penned by Bhuvanachandra) surpassed the older one in choreography

Dheera Dheera is the song that was ever pictured on Indian screen so far

Magadheera…(rolling title song) is innovative and interesting with the dances of Allu Aravind, Keeravani, Rajamouli, Rama Rajamouli, Ali, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Kajal, Kim Sharma, Mumaith Khan, Saloni, BA Raju and every technician worked in the movie

Above all the background music stood as backbone for the movie


* Marvelous art work carried to portray Udaigadh city of 1609AD
* Battle between Kalabhairava and 100 soldiers of Sher Khan
* Wonderful picturization of Dheera Dheera song
* Lord Shiva’s statue that brings hysterical feeling
* Helicopter and bike stunts of Ram Charan


* Brahmanandam-Hema comedy
* Chiranjeevi’s episode
* Dialogues in first 44 minutes

“This is our movie-our Telugu movie. This is our pride. This is the creation happened with the cognizance of our Telugu director”…would be the feel of every Telugu film lover while watching this film.

Words wouldn’t suffice to explain the experience of technical extravaganza depicted in this film. It’s just spellbinding. The range of Telugu film has gone to a higher plane with this film. The maker Rajamouli and producer Aravind should be appreciated unconditionally. And kudos would go to the technical team that has kept its brilliance to make this movie a wonder.

Keeping the first 44 minutes away the rest of the movie arrests the audiences completely. The first 44 minutes would literally keep the pulse of audiences down and confused. Pale dialogues, insipid scenes between Brahmanandam and Hema, weak portrayal of Chiranjeevi in a senseless scene would let down the audiences.

The real tempo starts as soon as the completion of the song ‘Naakosam nuvvu juttu peekkunte baagundi..’ The momentum develops with the first horse riding scene of Ram Charan chasing a bus. The interval scene hooks the audiences with lot of enthusiasm for sure. And the audiences can never turn their head and blink eye lid from then till climax.

And the audiences come out from theatre with the experience of a rollercoaster ride, with the sound reverberating in hearts, with a heavy hangover of watching a new facet of Telugu cinema.

The film proves to a historical one with respect to patronage of audiences of all classes.

Rating Judgment: The movie scores 4/5 by the virtue of technical values and adventurous attempt. It would have scored bigger if the first 44 minutes were also dealt well with sensible comedy and treatment.

Great Andhra Verdict: It’s good to watch the film as soon as possible.

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