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Sivaji's DAIRY (2009) Movie Review

Film: Dairy

Direction: Machakanti Ramakrishna

Cast: Sivaji, Shraddha Das, Sridhar Rao, Mousami Udeshi, Dr Sivaprasad, Jeeva, Srinivas, Harshavardhan, Kamal, Chinnikrishna and others

Producer: Chukka Kalyanram

Story: Yandamuri Virendranath

Presents: Meghashyam Bokam

Dialogues: Arun

Cinematography: V. Srinivasa Reddy

Editing: Gauthamraju

Music: Mantra Anand

Art: Vishaal

Action: Nandu

Banner: Gen Next Movies and Great Ocean Entertainments

Release Date: May 29 2009

Bollywood is known for bringing out good suspense, thriller and horror stories. However, the Tollywood too made inroads into it, and films like ‘Mantra’, ‘Anasuya’ which are basically suspense thriller subjects were proved big hits in recent times. With the success of ‘Mantra’, its producer Chukka Kalyanram, looked for yet another suspense thriller subject and okayed Yandamuri Virendranath’s story. The film made with a relatively low budget and hence, he chose Sivaji as hero again, as he is affordable and adequate to the story. At the same time, the megaphone was handed over to a debutant Machakanti Ramakrishna, a novice. However, he handled the story by penning screenplay for himself.


Vamsi (Sivaji) buys a used and fully-furnished beach house in Vizag from a real estate dealer. He saves a dancing girl Maya (Shraddha Das) from a goon in a local gathering. She stays along with Vamsi in his house during that night because it was raining heavily. As they explore the house in the night, they find a diary written in 2002. They find out that it was written by the man who owned that house in the past. His wife gets killed and she is rumored to be staying there as a ghost. And the events mentioned in the diary start happened to this pair. The rest of the story is about unlocking the mystery behind the house.


The film basically has two pairs of hero and heroines. While Sivaji and Shraddha Das paired up as one couple, another pair is Sridhara Rao and Mousami Udeshi. Sivaji, the main hero is adequate and such roles is very common for him. Earlier too, Sivaji played such roles in a couple of films. Sivaji maintained good body language and his attire, with a very casual look, gives the impression that it was Sivaji who could do justice to such roles. Shraddha Das, who has the male looks in some angles is okay. Especially, the scenes where she portrays the horror looks were perfectly caught by the camera. Siradhara Rao and Mousami Udeshi are adequate in their roles. Harshavardhan, Dr Siva Prasad did justice to their respective roles.


Though a debutant, Radhakrishna explained all the thoughts exactly what was in his mind on the celluloid. Mantra Anand’s background score is another highlight of the film. There are very few dialogues in the film as the entire film is nothing but a narration from a book. Cinematography by Srinivasa Reddy is adequate and art by Vishaal is impressive. Gauthamraju once again proved his seniority and made the film crisp.


Though the script, screenplay and direction by Ramakrishna are okay, there are few lapses which should have been avoided had he concentrated more on the film. The subject ‘hallucinations’ is not new to the Telugu audiences. Director Ramakrishna narrated the entire story by visualisation. The only drawback of the film is that it has no mass elements, but the film would definitely attract the youth and class audiences. The film may run with above average rating because of the nice movement of subject and in maintaining the suspense thriller element with perfect and gripping screenplay.

Sourcce: whatslatest

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