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MAGADHEERA Audio Release Function Coverage: Biggest Collection of Videos

MAGADHEERA : The most awaited movie of this year. The audio release function has been held today in hyderabad.Huge crowds are gatherd as usual.Many celebrities from film industry attended the meeting like Dr Ramanaidu, K Raghavendra Rao, C Aswiniduth, Srikanth, Ravi Teja, V V Vinayak, Meher Ramesh, Surender Reddy, Venumadhav , Ali , Sunil and others along with Megastar Chiranjeevi, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu, Allu Arvind, Ramcharan Tej, Nagababu, S S Rajamouli,M M Keeravani, Srihari and others.

Chiru released the audio cassettes and gave to Ramanaidu and Raghavendra rao. Pawan kalyan released the CD. It was a big function very well organised but a bit lengthy. The budget of the film is very high and with reincarnation backdrop Rajamouli is coming with a new subject. Let us hope this becomes big hit and keeps up the name of Telugu Movie.

Making of Magadheera

Special Video and Trailers

Audio Release Function


Chiru about Ramcharan and Magadheera

Pawan Kalyan at Audio Release

Ramcharan Speech in Audio Release

S S Rajamouli Speech in Audio Release

Kajal about Magadheera

Dr.Ramanaidu about Magadheera

Chinni Krishna

Chota K Naidu

Sivareddy Parody Show Part 1

Sivareddy Parody Show Part 2

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