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Charmi and Manjula Starrer KAVYA"S DIARY (2009) Movie Review


Rating: 2/5

Banner: Indira Productions

Cast: Manjula, Charmee, Indrajith, Shashank, Satyam Rajesh, Archana etc

Music: Manu Ramesan

Cinematography: Shyam Dutt

Director: Karuna Prakash

Producer: Sanjay Swarup

Release Date: June 05, 2009


Raj (Indrajith) is a successful scientist and is living happily with his wife Puja (Manjula) and his two children. The story takes a turn when his child is saved by Kavya (Charmee) and since she is out of job, they ask her to take care of their children. In no time, Kavya gets close to their family and to add to that, Raj's brother Abhi (Shashank) comes there for a holiday and falls in love with Kavya. However, Kavya shuns Abhi's love and in no time, things begin to change and problems start for Raj and his family. Abhi is killed in a hit and run accident and even Raj's close friend Nikita (Archana) gets killed in their greenhouse. Who is responsible for all this? Why is that person doing it? what is the link of the diary? All this forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a storyline that is appealing but then his narration was not that captivating. However, the presentation part was good, the dialogues were neat, the script was written without flaws, the screenplay was apt. While the songs were okay, the background score was a distraction at many places, editing was not neat, cinematography was excellent. Costumes and art department did a very good job. Manjula was at ease and was quite natural with her act though she could not emote the serious and panic expressions correctly. Indrajith was alright, Satyam Rajesh did his bit with comfort, Shashank was average. The real show stealer was Charmee with her two sided performance and she is good at her expressions.


The film happens to be a take from the Hollywood hit 'Poison Ivy' and the only difference is, here the protagonist has got a revenge motive while there it is the character of the person. The film would have done better if the makers had focused on the pace and avoided a song or two. The technical aspects of the film are very good. The first half has been real slow and there is no momentum until the second half. Also, the suspense is revealed too soon which makes things predictable afterwards. The film might appeal to the urban audience but others may not relish it.

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