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Top Songs Of The Season

Surprisingly almost every movie releasing this summer are having good songs. This is a good sign. Devi sri prasad is back with Mallanna , You might get a feeling that .. I listened to this song somewhere. But on the top the album is good with 4 songs sung by Vikram himself."Allegro" and "Excuse me Mr.Mallanna" are very good. Innovative director Chandrasekhar yeleti's Prayanam has 3 songs composed by Mahesh Shankar (Vennela Fame). All the 3 songs are nice especially "Nuvvu Entha". Sumanth's BONI produced by Ramana gogula is also among the race. Ramana gogula composed the music. "Boni" happens to be Ramana gogula's mark song. "Modati choope nalona" is good. Another movie among the release is RIDE starring Tanish(Nacchavule fame), Swetha Basu (KBL Fame), Nani (Ashta chemma fame), Aksha(Yuvatha fame). The music was composed by popular singer Hemachandra (Zee saregamapa Little champs Anchor, Karunya's cousin). The songs are youthful and are OK. Next is the Vamsi's Gopi Gopika Godavari . Music was composed by Chakri. Typical Vamsi's songs. 3 songs are good. Last but not the least Siddharth's Oy! Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music.

So coming to Top 15 songs of this season

MALLANNA (6.5/10)

Though the songs resemble some other songs asusual in Devisri Prasad movies. Mallanna has some new feel in songs like Allegro,Mambo Maamiya and Excuse me Mr.Mallanna. Ivanne Dupe is a dud. Meow Meow is ok with Mail Mail (Bunny) and Langa Voni (Varsham) beats. Theme is Ok. On the whole the album is a good one which scores 6.5/10

RIDE (5.5/10)

Hemachandra did a decent job eventhough this is his first movie. There is nothing new in the songs. But the visuals can be good for the music. The album is Ok with 2 good songs Rangula Lokam and Ride.

Prayanam (7/10)

3 songs with an off beat, classical and a fast number. Mahesh Shankar did good job.On the top Nuvvu entha is too good. Meghama is the off beat and is very cool. YVW is not upto mark and resembles heavily Vennela songs.

Boni (6.5/10)

Ramana gogula I think is a consistent performer and simple in his music. Perfect commercial album. Boni Boni is a typical Ramana gogula 's number. Nammaleni and Modati choope are good. On the whole the album is good.

Gopi Gopika Godavari (6.5/10)

Typical Vamsi again. Chakri again tried to imitate Ilayaraja. Songs are good. Nuvvakkadundi nennikkadunte is too good. Go Go rye rye is good.

Oy (7.5/10)

Last but not the least. Siddharth and Shamili in the lead role . Yuvan composed the music. Oy Oy has beats lifted from Black eyed peas "Dont Phunk with my heart" ,but the tune is good. The songs sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Yuvan are the main assets of the album. Kay Kay s song takes time to go into brain. Seheree is good.

On the whole , OY outperforms pther movies.

The following are the Top 15 songs (Not in order)

ALLEGRO - Mallanna
Excuse me Mr.Mallanna - Mallanna
Mambo mamiya - Mallanna
Oy Oy - Oy
Anukoledenadu - Oy
Povadhe Prema - Oy
Seheri - Oy
Rangula Lokam - Ride
Nuvvu entha - Prayanam
Boni Boni - Boni
Modati choope naalona - Boni
nammaleni kalaye nijamayena - Boni
Go Go rye rye - Gopi Gopika Godavari
Nuvvu akkadundi nenikkadunte - Gopi Gopika Godavari

Listen To These 15 songs

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