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Balakrishna's MITRUDU Movie Review by Bharatstudent

Rating : 2.5/5
Banner : Vaishnavi Cinema
Cast : Balakrishna, Priyamani, Ranganath, Pradeep Rawath, Chandramohan, Deepak, Krishna Bhagawan, Balaiah, Brahmanandam, Hema, Chalapathi Rao Others and Others
Music : Mani Sharma
Cinematography : Balamurugan
Producer: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Director: Mahadev
Released Date: May 01, 2009

An emotional tale, the story begins in the backdrop of Malaysia where Indu (Priyamani) is studying and she is on the lookout for a man who has a particular horoscope since she has a 'dosham' in it. Apparently, the man who marries her would die in one month and Indu wants to marry Madhu (Deepak) after that. She finds her solution in the form of Aditya (Balakrishna) who is waiting for death to come to him. She tries, woos and finally manages to win his heart and both of them get married. However, in India, her father Sai Krishna (Ranganath) does not approve of this and ill treats Aditya. He also develops enmity with the minister Muni Swamy (Pradeep) who decides to ruin him. In between all this, Indu starts developing feelings for Aditya but then he has a tragic past that is discovered later. What happens after that? This must be watched in the theatres.

The director has come up with a normal storyline but then the presentation was neat whereas the narrative could have been better. The dialogues were average, the script was written with few flaws and the screenplay was apt. The music department was impressive and three songs can be taken home while cinematography was also neat. Editing did its job with standard and costumes were trendy. The locations were well chosen and other departments need no mention here. Balakrishna has come up in a rather different image makeover and instead of being his fiery self, he was rather self contained and passive. Priyamani was hot as usual but looked more attractive in Sarees and traditional outfits. Pradeep Rawat was evil as usual, Chandramohan was a surprise, Brahmanandam managed few laughs, Ranganath was graceful, Balaiah looked elegant, Krishna Bhagawan made his presence felt, Deepak was handsome and he did justice to his role. The others did their bit as per the standard.

The film is more of an emotional treat and though the first half was quite mild, things begin to change during the second half and there is a momentum. However, the climax was quite normal and there was nothing special to cause an impact. The makers could have utilized the first half in a better way to create some excitement and also Balayya's character could have been etched in a much stronger way which did not happen. The film will appeal to the masses and the family audience to an extent.

Verdict : Sentimental treat, can be watched once

source : bharatstudent.com

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