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Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam ( KIKK ) Review : By Greatandhra

Film: Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam
Rating: 3/5

Banner: Laxmi Narasimha Productions
Cast: Siddartha, Tamanna, Praash Raj,. TRamya Krishna, Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam, Nazar, Hema and others
Music: Shankar Ehasaan Loy
Cinematogrpahy: Vijay K Chander
Art: Chinna
Dialogues: Abburi Ravi
Screenplay: Deepak Raj
Editing: Srikar Prasad
Background score: Mani Sharma
Producer: Nallamalupu Bujji
Story, Direction: Kishore Kumar

Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam, being called with pet title 'KIKK' has released today. The film has followed a typical muhurath by releasing at 1:01 PM instead of hitting screens at regular 11 AM show. Let us see how far that muhurath worked well with this movie and what the content is.

Geeta (Tamanna) is the daughter of a big man named Subrahmanyam (Nazar) in a village. She holds great love and affection for her father. And she happens to come to city for studying in a college. She stays with Gachibowli Diwakar and his wife (Brahmanandam and Hema). She develops good rapport with Prof Rajya Lakshmi (Ramya Krishna) in her college. Siddhu (Siddarth) is the son of Prof Rajya Lakshmi who leads the life of a play boy. Siddhu lives only with his mother for many years and his father Prakash Varma (Prakash Raj) lives abroad and earns big fame and money. He returns and the son Siddhu goes close to him. The friendship between son and father stands unique and strong. Siddhu loves Geeta as a routine treat in any film. But Subrahmanyam puts a condition that he would allow his daughter to marry Siddhu only when the parents of Siddhu are united. Then the real game starts for both Siddhu and Geeta to unite the separated couple. Whether they turned successful in that attempt becomes rest of the story.

The film grooved in all major artistes and there is nothing less to speak about them.

Siddartha with his unique style of performance enticed again. Tamanna looked with lot of grace and beauty and has really stolen the show with her looks and expressions. She can stand as Madhuri Dixit in Tollywood if polished her performance and dance in a better way. She is gifted with elegance in screen presence.

Ramya Krishna is ok but she would have given own dubbing for her character. The voice used for her hasn't suited. Being a senior actress, she should at least try to use her own voice inspiring from young artistes like Mamata Mohandas.

Prakash Raj did his best in fatherly role and it is completely different from what he has shown in Bommarillu.

Music stands on the top of all faculties. All the songs received great applause in theatre. It is true that songs could pull the narration of this flick in interesting way. The screenplay is slow and there are some hiccups in editing. The cinematography is marvelous and the film teaches a lesson how the mood can be elevated while picturing songs. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are good and interesting.

Direction is good but still needs to be gripping. On a whole seriousness and sentiment dominated. Comedy by Brahmanandam hasn't given the punch that has promised at the introduction of his role.

The film is an out and out family entertainer and the main essence is how a young couple attempts to unite a separated old couple for making their love win and take to the altar of marriage. The theme is in fact interesting. The initial few minutes during titles recall the film 'Sangamam' but later things proved to be unique.

First half sounded average while the later half in second part sounded racy and better. On a whole it has got the class-content and teaches a moral 'keep only love and shun anger from relationships'. That's good attempt which deserves a mention.

One really wishes that separating couples just with mere ego would learn lesson from this film.

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