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Charmi's 16 Days Review By Bharat Student

Film: 16 DAYS
Rating: 1/5
Banner: Cosmos Entertainment
Cast: Charmee, Aravind, Kota, Dharmavarapu, Manorama, Jayaprakash and others
Music: Dharan
Cinematography: Sukumar
Director: Prabhu Solomon
Producers: D Y Choudhary, P Mahesh Babu
Release date: 20/02/2009


A substandard tale, the story begins with Gutthi Gurumurthy (Aravind) who comes from a small place to the city for an interview and he manages to find place to stay with his distant relative Subramanyam who is actually a defaulter on loans taken on interest. He is absconding but then leaves his key at a secret place. Guru takes the key and stays and he also manages to get a job. On the other hand, there is Angel (Charmee) who grows as an orphan and works with a mineral water company. She doesn't have a place to stay so she locates those houses without occupants and stays there for a night and gets going in the morning. One such instance gets her to Guru's house. All this apart, there are two dons Yadagiri (Kota) and Rami Reddy (Jayaprakash) who are out to kill each other and Reddy is successful in killing Yadagiri's son. So he vows to kill Reddy's son by the 12th day ceremony of his son. A twist of fate occurs and Yadagiri's goons mistake Guru to be Subrahmanyam and get him to take money. Guru gives an idea to kill Reddy's son and he is given a 16 day deadline to kill else Yadagiri threatens to kill him. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


The director had a good plot in mind but he could not conceive it in the right manner. Both the narration and presentation were not upto the mark. The dialogues were boring, the script was written average, the screenplay was disturbing. Music was good in two songs but the background score was too melodramatic, cinematography was okay at places but on the whole it was very disturbing. The frames were changing so rapidly that it causes strain to the eyes. Editing was not proper. Costumes were okay. Locations were simple. Aravind has worked hard for his role but then his role is quite weak in the movie. Charmee from her end was infusing some energy but it must be said that sometimes it was too childish and boring. Especially the mimicry acts she did brought groans from audience. Dharmavarapu was just okay, Manorama was not required, Kota managed to pull the show to a great extent and though he was repetitive it was somewhat okay. The others need no mention here.


The film appeared to take few bits and pieces from Hollywood flicks like 'Lucky Number Slevin' 'Hard Target' but by no means was it matching the standard. While the first half goes about in a rather mundane manner, the second half is also very much the same testing the patience of the audience from time to time. The immaturity of direction was shown very clearly in the film and added to that was the improper synchronization with the dubbings. The film will find it hard to survive even for two weeks.

Bharatstudent verdict: Forget it!!!

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