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Fitting Master (2009) Review

Film: Fitting Master

Rating: 2.5/5

Banner: EVV Cinema

Cast: Allari Naresh, Madalasa Sarma, Shayaji Shinde, Sudha, Chandramohan, Saira Banu etc

Script: Tadi Balaram, Vegesna Satish

Dance: Chinni Prakash and Co

Art: KV Subba Rao

Music: S Chinna

Fights: Ram Lakshma, Vijay

Cinematography: Prasad Babu

Story, Screenplay, Production, Direction: EVV Satyanarayana

Released On: 14th January 2009

The film 'Fitting Master' released today as Sankranthi special filling the senses of movie lovers with lots of smile-expectations. Let us see how far it reached the hopes.


Sampath (Allari Naresh) is an orphan who works in a gym center. He hates love between a young man and young girl and keeps on opposing that in public. This catches the attention of an arrogant rich girl Meghna (Madalasa Sharma) who challenges her friends that she could pull him in love and make him a puppet around her. Her attempts fail all the while. Then she falls in his love in real. But still he denies her. Then Meghna takes the help of her brother to convince Sampath. In a surprising incident when Meghna's brother approaches Sampath, latter kills the former. Why he killed? What are his motives? That forms the rest of the story. It ended up as an age old revenge drama.


Allari Naresh didn't leave his trade mark style of dialogue delivery and instant punches but since the film happened to be a serious flick, the scope for humor is less. But Naresh got a scope to portray seriousness and revenge this time.

Madalasa Sharma is like any other Mumbai girl. She has delivered average performance. She is there for glamour in full dose indeed.

Chandra Mohan and Sudha are there for melodrama and Saira Banu is there for a long pathetic episode. Sayaji Shinde maintained mannerism of singing songs from old films as per situation.

Others are just ok. Music is above average a couple of songs 'Tappusodara..', 'Vennelavo..' really pleased the ears.

Dialogues by Tadi Balaram and Satish Vegesna are apt and rightly grooved in.

Appearance of lyricist Vanamali before a song in his real-time character is interesting.

EVV has chosen an outdated narration, although the subject is universal.


It's like tasting sour in the name of sweet. The title 'Fitting Master' with Allari Naresh in it would obviously give an impression that it is an out and out comedy entertainer. But it is not so. It's blended with melodrama, weeps, shouts, fights and all sorts of ingredients that a serious film possesses. Although the maker of the movie attempted to give a message to today's youth those are falling in love and marrying without the consent of parents, the title and expectation didn't match. It is true that audiences those love to laugh on the occasion of festival will walk into theatres to watch this film. But they will be disappointed for watching a serious movie with scattered comedy.

And it is not a film for Allari Naresh, at this juncture. Although EVV tried to bring an image make over for Naresh, this film didn't serve the purpose as it's made with obsolete content.

The film may get some initial mileage in B, C centers but on a whole it cannot be considered a wholesome entertainer.

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