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Bank (2009) Review by Great Andhra

Film: Bank

Rating: 1/5

Cast: Raghuvaran, Abbas, Jackie Shroff, Rahul Dev, Veda, Pooja Bharathi, Baby Bhavana, Sreedhar Rao, Jeeva (given in title card but not seen in movie) etc

Camera: Jagadish

Fights: Ram-Laxman

Dialogues: Arun Kumar

Music and Lyrics: Chinni Charan

Producer: Amrutha Arun Kumar
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Arun Kumar

Released On: 30 Jan 2009

The title 'Bank' has been snuggling in film news from about 2-3 years. At last it's released today. The film received some attention due to Jackie Shroff and Raghuvaran in main star cast. The film was intended to make with the essence 'where there is money there is crime' (as told by director in the beginning of this movie). Let us see how it worked on the heads of audiences.


The story runs around the robbery of a bank by the team of four men and a lady (Rahul Dev, Raghuvaran, Jackie Shroff, Abbas and Veda). They conspire and go successful in pilfering money from a bank but at the running-away point it happens that only Jackie Shroff takes the bag that contains Rs 100 Cr (!!! Denomination not known!!! Even though Rs 1000, it comes to 10000 bundles-in a small bag!!!). He gets hurt by the bullet of a security guard and hence he makes a successful attempt to run away from that place and throw the currency bag in a well. He also makes a map of that place writing on a paper with his blood. He takes the help of a chaiwala to handover that paper to his friends and escapes. Chaiwala does that and the team knows the whereabouts of that money after coming out from jail after 4 years. They go in search of that with the help of map, and find that a house got constructed on the Well. They attack the people in that house and dig the place where the Well was there earlier and takes out their bag. But who gets that bag at last, is the climax.


Everybody appeared to have done over action. Especially the histrionics of Raghuvaran are over dosed. The dubbing sounded for Jackie Shroff is louder and overboard. Veda's role as lady robber recalls Jyothi Rana in Pokiri. Abbas made an insipid presence but there is no other go for him. Pooja Bharathi acted in so-called action/thrill sequence in second half. Baby Bhavana has nothing big to act than crying. Model Sreedhar Rao appeared in guest role and a song.

Technically, the movie is very weak. The director failed to understand the degree of intensity to be shown while canning every scene. Even RR and BGS (Back Ground Score) didn't match the requirement.

Director should be blamed for entire dull-show. He has taken almost all the key departments story, dialogues and screenplay. Finally, the film appeared to have done by an amateur. It's a funny torture for audiences to watch this movie. Audiences find relief as the characters in the film die one by one. That was the disgust developed in this 2 hrs show.

The climax is so vague and weak that the film gets erased from the minds of people within a day, but the hangover of pain continues for another day.


This erratic story line tests the patience of audiences. It's almost made like a child-play but not as suspense thriller. There are many blunders in the movie that made people laugh. The director seems to have got inspired by a few Hollywood flicks and attempted this dreaming bigger thing. But it ended up as a dud. How the biggies like Jackie Shroff, Raghuvaran or Rahul Dev could agree to work for this film? That becomes a big question all together.

The film lacked in basic common sense. The terminology and the presentation of scenes are also disgusting for audiences viz: hijacking software (!!!), narco analysis injection (!!!). How a man can dig a Well with a small spade? How come the so-called narco-analysis injections make security guards unconscious but walk? There are myriad things that made people laugh at the movie. It goes without saying that the film got 'bank'rupted.

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