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Naga Chaitanya Rockzz

Yesterday is Naga Chaitanya's birthday. He has celebrated many birthdays earlier. But he says that today is his first birthday. Today is his introduction to entire Tollywood industry as well.

He talked astonishingly well and surprised everyone. He has given an impression that he can surpass the range of his dad and grand dad in due course of time. His confidence is almost equal to that of an international stage performer. His ease is as perfect as an experienced film star. He can sink well in Bollywood as well as Hollywood crowds, said a few. He said that it is his first birthday and experiencing the bliss of blessings showering on him. His voice is outstanding and his expression is much matured.

Let us see how everyone blessed him:

Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, the paternal grand father:
Naga Chaitanya has acting in his blood and that is needless to say. His father, his grand father, another grand father Ramanaidu is also an actor, his uncle Venkatesh, his cousins and he is almost surrounded by film actors and producers. Thus he has the gene of acting from two families.

Dr D Ramanaidu, the maternal grand father:
He completed his degree now and stepping into film world. I bless him by whishing that he would become a super star soon.

Nagarjuna, the father:
I thought to speak a lot but my voice is not free and my belly is full now. What can I talk? I can only wish my boy Naga Chaitanya, all the best in his career. You have all carried me on your shoulders. Now I'm giving my son to you all to do the same.

Venkatesh, the mena maama:
When Nagarjuna plucked the chain 20 years ago (recalling Shiva) entire Andhra Pradesh was shaken. Now Naga Chaitanya, with his mere look can shake entire India (Nag reacted with claps and happiness in eyes for this).

K Raghavendra Rao:
Akkineni Nageshwara Rao garu has said that Nagarjuna is his successor after watching 'Annamayya' and 'Sri Ramadasu'. Very soon, Nagarjuna also would declare that Naga Chaitanya is his successor.

The highlight of the entire event is for the first time K Raghavendra Roa has opened his mouth in front of crowds.

source: Greatandhra

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