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ET Interview : RAGHU RAM (SYE Singers Challenge Fame)

Hey People.. I hope you all remember our Raghuram who is very familiar to us from ZEE Saregamapa and SYE Singers Challenge. To all those who like him .. Here is a chitchat with him by Early Tollywood.

Q) Please Tell about your childhood and education(high school and engineering).

A) I did my schooling in st johns secunderabad and inter from sri chaitanya narayanaguda. and engineering from CVR.

Q) Your First step of success

A) Sye singers challenge.

Q) Please Tell Your memories of Zee Saregamapa.

A) It was a very good platform to learn many good things.

Q) Who are Your Favorite singers?

A) S.P.B. , K.K. , Shankar Mahadevan, Karthik , Chitra.

Q) Who are Your favorite musicians?

A) Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman, Harris Jayraj, Yuvan, Mani Sharma, Devisri Prasad, Mickey J Meyer

Q) Who are your Favorite actors and actresses?

A) Not one in particular...i like many..

Q) How are you feeling on the success of your album Geetham?

A) I made a lot of effort to do the album . Its a nice feeling when your work is appreciated.

Q) Tell some of Your Favorite songs.

A) Many many many songs but to mention few from recent....Evvare nuvvu (Raju Bhai), Neevalle neevalle (Neevalle Neevalle), Na manasuki pranam (AMAV) , My heart is beating (Jalsa) , Hridaym orchukolenidi (Parugu).

Q) What is the best compliment you got?

A) I often get a compliment 'you have a very good voice'.

Q) Do You prefer classical music or Western?

A) Personally i prefer western but it is essential to know and learn both classical and western.

Q) What are your future Projects and ongoing ones (in movies and as albums)?

A) I sang in vinayakudu.. now i am working on my second album ...

Lastly, a word to our audience..

listen to GEETHAM songs!!!

and people here is the link to hear Geetham Songs.... LINK

We Wish Raghuram a Good Future... May God Bless Him...

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