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Teja's KEKA (2008) Review by Great Andhra : Ridiculous and Senseless

Film: Keka
Banner: Chitram Movies

Rating: 1/5
Cast: Raja, Anup Kumar, Ishana, Dharmavarapu, Duvvasi Mohan etc
Editor: Shankar
Music: Chakry
Lyrics: Sirivennela, Veturi, Chandrabose
Cinematography: PC Sri Ram
Producer and Director: Teja
Released On: 23rd Oct 2008

The movie 'Keka' was churned a lot in publicity and it is true that this film has undergone big promotion than any other movie in recent times. But how far it tuned with the expectations? Let us go into details.


The movie begins on the backdrop of Kolkata and a home for the street children. Arjun (Raja) tries to teach music to the children and he is originally from Hyderabad. Apparently, he is staying away from the city for a reason and that reason is Sujata (Ishaani) his love. She is engaged to Kiran (Anup) who is the best friend of Arjun and so he does not want to be a cause for a disturbance in their life. An incident takes place between Arjun and Sujata and from then on she starts hating him. Who is responsible for the incident? Will Arjun ever get to see Sujata? How does Kiran help amidst the sorrow and separation? All this forms the rest of the story.


New heroine Ishana's screen presence is impressive and she seems to be holding good future as glamorous heroine. Raasi dubbed for Ishana in this film.

Seeta Rama Sastry's son Raja is ok and he needs to upgrade in body language and expressions. Navadeep's dubbing worked well for him.

Anup's performance is ok and Ajay's dubbing suited well.

Music by Chakry and lyrics by Veturi, Seeta Rama Sastry and Chandrabose are impressive.

PC Sri Ram's cinematography is hyped in big way but it appeared quite mundane.

Teja deserves all sorts of criticism and it is true that he lost his grip on audiences that he used to have earlier.


Ridiculous narration forms the major part of the film. The much hyped film has ended up as a dud. It's receiving the curse of audiences and that's evident at the end of first day-first show. The talented Teja has made a senseless movie with no effectiveness is any aspect of his job.

The only plus point in the movie is music and lyrics and even that got clouded in the camouflage of shabby screenplay and scruffy dialogues. The movie tests the patience from starting till end. The much publicized PC Sri Ram's cinematography also deserves nothing great to mention. It appeared just as run of the mill. The special affects used in the movie are quite normal with present day standards.

Teja confused the audiences by incorporating 'orphan children concept' in plain love story. He struggled a lot to justify the mix, but failed openly. First half tests the patience while second half brings 'crack' in the heads of audiences.

Audiences have entered the theaters with enthusiasm and expectations and came out with dull blank faces. That implies the status and result of the movie.

Source : Greatandhra.com

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anu said...

4 god's sake don ever take any movies which has got no sense....don screw up ppl lyk this...put u r movie into a ditch....

nagaraju k said...

to be frank, i liked the movie... the direction is decent... comedy is not upto the mark, this is all I found wrong in the movie.

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