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Nithin's Hero (2008) Telugu Movie Review

Film: Hero
Banner: Manyam Entertainments
Rating: 2/5
Cast: Nitin, Bhavana, Brahmanandam, Nagababu, Kovai Sarala, Ramya Krishna etc
Dialogues: Nivas
Lyrics: Anant Sri Ram, Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar
Choreography: Nobel, Prem Rakshit
Fights: Kanal Kannan
Art: Anand Sai
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: C Ram Prasad
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer: Manyam Ramesh
Director: Sudhakar Naidu (GV)
Released On: 24th Oct 2008


Radhakrishna (Nithin) is the son of a police commissioner Nagendra Naidu (Naga Babu). Father dreams to make his son a police officer but the son roams like a directionless vagabond. His eccentric mother (Kovai Sarala) wishes to make him a film star.

Out of the blue Radha Krishna undergoes short term police training in an academy where he meets Krishna Veni (Bhavana) as his colleague. The suspense opens with her, when news rolls on TV channel stating that she is a naxalite.

Is she a naxalite in reality? That quest takes us to the climax with senseless narration.


Nithin has wrongly chosen this film and his character got no purpose and above all his characterization is also dull. Bhavana tested the patience of audiences in her introduction scene. All other characters are run of the mill and nothing news. Kovai Sarala brought disgust with her eccentricity.

Ramya Krishna appeared in police uniform but nothing glittered new on screen with her presence. Naga Babu is dull in initial scenes but eventually proved a bit ok.

Music is average and bears no weight. Art work for songs, Cinematography and action episodes are ok. But all efforts of all faculties have gone vain with the affect of director. It appears for quite a long time that director attempted to fill in the gaps and fit the movie for length with useless scenes and dragging. Director was found directionless at the end. He needs to do enough of research before jumping into film direction. He has shown the police training in senseless way without any reality.


The first fifteen to twenty minutes of narration makes it clear that the direction is amateurish. The opening in done in big way but the way the director dealt with characters, his poor ideas in scene composition and the problems with the tempo of the run gives conclusion within first 1 hour that the movie is a gone case. And even in second half there is nothing interesting and sensible. The movie is a mirror of director's lack of attention towards details.

The production values of the film are indeed big with respect to action scenes by Kanal Kannan and rich sets by Art Director Anand Sai for dances. Indeed, the director GV himself is a stunt master but hired Kanal Kannan to deal with that domain here. Mani Sharma's music is not that great and no tune is indeed haunting. His earlier-years quality is not seen now.

On a whole, the movie is targeted for masses but they are not getting entertained. Even the comedians like Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala couldn't bring in necessary punch anywhere. It is needless to conclude about the result of this flick.

Source: Greatandhra

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Anonymous said...

Hero movie is pathetic. It's waste of time, money and mind, for both producer and viewers.

The worst direction ever seen till now and in the future.

Good for nothing.

You can not find any faults in the movie because movie is itself a fault.(Rating: 0/5)

surya said...

hero movie is worst ever seen......hero niti has no importance in this filmm.heroin action baddddddd........worst worst.i dont know why nitin had choosen this movie?????

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