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Raksha (2008) Movie Review

Movie: Raksha
Rating: 2.25/5
Banner: One More Thought Entertainment Pvt. Ltd & Zed3 Pictures Productions

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Kalyani, Baby Neha, Master Atulith, Radhakumari, Subbaraju, Chandrasekhar, Rajeev Kanakala, Sathya Krishnan, Narsing Yadav, Jeeva, Melkote, Jayasudha, Pradeep Rawath, etc.

Cinematography: Surjodeep Ghosh
Background Score: Bapi -Tutul
Producer: Azam Khan
Director: Vamsikrishna Akella
Released Date: September 19, 2008


Rajeev (Jagapathi Babu) is an Engineering Contractor who lives with his wife (Kalyani) and two kids. He happens to develop strife with two of his business partners and kicks them out of his house publicly when a party was going on. This pumps in a fire of vengeance in the woman (Satya Krishna) who gets kicked out by him. She takes revenge on Rajeev by spelling black magic on his school going daughter Raksha (Neha). Rajeev is an atheist and his wife is theist. Struggle and friction of opinions arise in his house as Raksha becomes the victim of black magic. Both medical science and occult science compete with each other to protect Raksha. Finally, who wins-the medical science or the occult science or both?? That becomes the climax.


Jagapathi Babu excelled in the role of a practical man as well as caring father. Kalyani's role is minimal and there is lesser scope for her to show off histrionics. Satya Krishna has over acted and appeared to be funny instead of scary. Pradeep Rawat has perfectly gelled with the role he played.

Baby Neha must be appreciated for her performance. No wonder of she can be nominated for best child artiste award.

And coming to technical departments, the sound effects are weak which need to be spine chilling for the genre of horror. And the art work that has to be ghastly is also not designed well. On a whole, the director missed the tempo to create fear in the movie. Hence the fear factor didn't glue on to celluloid.


It has already released in Hindi with the title 'Phoonk' but it has been publicized by Ram Gopal Varma specially that it has more fear factor than the original. But the fact is that the fear graph has fallen down from 'Phoonk' to 'Raksha'. The main reason is the lack of proper grip in narration.

Telugu audiences generally consider horror films as B-grade stuff as many have already seen light in this genre. The quality of making and technical standards should be beyond a certain level to make it reach people in right way. Here except Jagapathi Babu Factor, there is nothing that goes in tune with the interest levels of audiences.

It is only the hype that was created by media, pulled audiences to theaters. And the crowd pulling names like RGV behind this flick, Jagapathi Babu and horror-genre would bring in a good set of audiences to theatres. But finally it cannot be called the great flick. One wise thing, that's observed here, is that it is made with very low budget and hence commercially it may go safe.

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