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Mallepuvuu (2008) Review

Movie: Mallepuvvu
Rating: 0.75/5
Banner: Sri Samudra Silverscreen
Cast: Bhumika, Muralikrishna, Samudra, Kovai Sarala, Venu Madhav, Suman Shetty, Abhinayasri, Telangana Sakunthala, Sameer, Farzana and others

Cinematography: Anil Bhandari

Music: Ilayaraja
Producer: Vadlapatla Mohan
Director: Samudra
Released Date: September 19, 2008


A messed up treat, the story is set on the backdrop of a building under construction and the workers who are living more like a family get a new member. The person's name is Malli who is quiet and does not talk to anyone. The truth is, Malli is not a boy as everyone thinks but it is Malleswari (Bhumika) who is there in a disguise. Her real identity is not discovered and meanwhile, she replaces Koti (Muralikrishna) who is the caterer for the workers. He develops a grudge against Malli and wants to teach a lesson. But due to a chance incident, he gets to see that Malli is actually a woman and from then on he starts liking her. However, Malli is actually on the run and she is trying to escape from the police and a group of rough necks. Later, there is a flashback that leads to the notion that she is actually a terrorist and given the fact that she is from Bangladesh, the suspicions are more. Finally, Malli is cornered and before she is taken, she gets kidnapped. Koti sets out in the search of Malli and finds her locked up in a brothel. In this process, he is helped at every instant by his childhood friend Suri (Samudra) and together they plan to get Malli out of the whore house and want to put an end to the baddies. Are they successful in their attempts? Is Koti able to express his love to Malli? What happens after that forms the rest of the story...


The director had come up with a good thought but then he fared miserably in the execution of it. The presentation was poor and the narration was totally disoriented. The pace of the movie was very dull and the dialogues were disastrous. The script was written shoddily and the screenplay was nowhere near average. Even the music was not upto the mark and it had only three songs to offer that were good, the camera was just about okay with nothing special to it. Editing was weak, locations were normal. Bhumika came out with an okay performance and her role had only presence but not much scope to deliver. Muralikrishna was alright as the hero but he still needs to work on his body language and facial movements. Item song by Farzana was not necessary, Venu Madhav's comedy track did not have anything special to offer. Telangana Sakunthala, Sameer, Kovai Sarala were up with standard performances and there is nothing special in it. The


It's stunning to see Samudra as second hero in this film. He appears to be taking the path of Kodi Rama Krishna who used to play 'so-called' key roles in his films earlier.

Looking at the quality of the film, a doubt strikes every one that how big names like Bhumika and Ilayaraja agreed to work for this film. The story might have sounded good for them in the first narration of Samdura but once he brought it on to celluloid dish turned perishable. Indeed, Mallepuvvu lost its fragrance. Samudra made many blunders in his direction and a feel of compromise and lack of seriousness is seen in him. Lip-sink and dialogues are also not well tackled although it is a direct movie in Telugu.

First 30 minutes test the patience of audience with slow narration and weak dialogues. Only the four minutes before interval pumps in little interest and second half goes with some flesh in it. Even the second half that promised to do something failed to shine and there were the unwanted songs which really tested the patience of the audience. Commercially, there is not a single factor except that both hero and heroine are construction workers that will appeal those particular glasses. It is without doubt that the movie will sink in barely few days. Again the climax is spoiled with B-grade quality.

Notable blunders committed by the director

  • The terrorists are shown like roadside goondas with small knives in climax fight
  • Bhumika travels between Dhaka and Hyderabad in British Airways (!!)
  • Bhumika is not illiterate but University Topper. No one knows why she maintains dumbness without letting out her problem to media and her parents on phone.
Only Plus Point, cinematography was beautifully done by Anil Bhandari

On a whole, the film proved to be a dud with no quality narration and sensibility. It lacked in the home work that is required while making a film with the subject-'terrorism'. Totally the film is Horrendous and there is no fragrance or nothing that impresses anyone who is going to watch it!!!!........

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