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Call Center (2008) Review

Film: Call Center
Rating: 1.25/5
Cast: Vamsi Krishna, Priyanka, Puja, Anand etc
Music: Sai Karthik
Choreography: Shankar, Prem Rakshit
Editor: Kotagiri
Fights: Ganesh
Producers: Katragadda Lokesh and Yarlee
Director: Kanmani
Released On: 11th Sep 2008

Krishna (Vamsi Krishna) leads responsible life in his village until he gets a call center job in Hyderabad. Swathy, the childhood friend of Krishna also gets the job in same company and both of them move together. Swathy stays in a girls hostel while Krishna stays along with his friends. Swathy likes Krishna for his simplicity and kind heartedness. But the city culture and especially the so-called call center culture pollutes Krishna. He gets addicted to alcohol, smoke and flirting. Swathy dislikes that and worries for Krishna. Finally things settle down as Krishna gets enlightenment. He learns that city girls are only flirts and his village companion Swathy is the best.

We can talk about the performance of Vamsi Krishna whose voice is also impressive. He has the ease in acting, expressive body language and above all the contemporary features. But he took a wrong step by Okaying this film as his first solo-hero venture. He should take care before zeroing in on anything at least from now onwards. His graph has severely suffered a steep fall from Happy Days to Call Center.

'Photo' Anand looks good and he too has enough of ease in acting. But choosing right film is the key factor missing in him as well.

Others are just ok and nothing great to mention.

Coming to technical departments, it is only the music that scores something better than other faculties. Dialogues deserve poor marks. Direction is very mediocre and in B-grade standards.

Senseless Punches
"Agaroththulu veliginche ammayilanthaa manchi vaallu kaadu. Cigarettlu veliginche abbayilantha chedda vaalluu kaadu"

"annee taste cheyyandi kaani denikee addict kaakandi"

The movie was made on B-Grade standards. Dialogues and direction killed the essence of the movie. And the conviction point is lacking. The title appeals for youngsters but the material in the movie is how today's call center executives are losing their moral values. Through out the movie, the call center girls are shown as whores and in the climax, the movie ends up with a moral science lesson by Kota Srinivasa Rao. The new age morality that is shown in the movie is that the girls can drink and smoke but should maintain chastity (!!!!). Indeed, it is confusing. A man or woman can 'taste' everything in life but should not get addicted, is the morality taught in this flick. Uncountable censor cuts in the dialogues are evidences for the standard of the movie. The film is narrated in such a way that it appeals for neither youngsters nor the elders.

First half of the movie goes with overboard narration by showing call center employees as call girls and flirts. Second half grooves in some love and jealousy aspect and finally it ends up with so-called edifying dialogues. The lives of call center employees are shown in worst way possible by the director. Although a character explains that all call center ladies are not bad, the impact of scenes shown in the movie would bring an aversion for people on call center girls and their lives.

On a whole, the film tests the patience of audiences and the director failed to handle the film in sensible manner.


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