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Homam Review

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, JD Chakravarthy, Mamata Mohan Das, Madhurima, Pradeep Rawat, Mahesh Manjrekar, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan, Sakhi shivanand, Ahuti Prasad, Prabhakar and others.

Music: Nitin Raikwar

Director: JD Chakravarthy

Producer: Kiran kumar Koneru

HOMAM is an action packed entertainer which is scraped from the Hollywood movie ‘
The Departed’. The script has been treated differently and some new life is added to the old story.

Homam Story

The story begins with the initiative of two different young men with dissimilar frame of minds. Mallikarajun (Jagapathi Babu) has a dream to become a police officer and another person named Chandrashekar (JD Chakravarthy) is against the police and their autocracies.

Malli has a background that he is a son of a unlawful person. So while he is taking training for the selection into police department, this truth is witnessed by the officers and he looses the spot to get selected into the police department. The reason for Chandu’s hatred against the police is due to the point that hi father is killed in an encounter by the cops.

Seeing the fire to become the police cop in the eyes of Malli, Vishwanatham (Pradeep rawat) appoints him as a police cop working under cover after giving him the necessary training.

Chandu is groomed well by Jawahar alias daddy (Mahesh Manjrekar) and is sent into the police department as an informer to the criminals. Since he hates the police department, Jawahar makes him a pawn of criminals in the disguise of a cop.

Meanwhile, Malli is assigned a duty to trace out the criminals in Jawahar’s gang and he joins them as a member of the gang.

Malli sincerely does his duty and informs the cops about Jawahar and his moments. This is discovered by jawahar and the hunt to outline out the offender in the gang starts.

The love track runs simultaneously for Malli as Dr. Lakshmi (Mamta) and a pretty girl Satya (Madhurima) fall for the two heroes.

Who ends whom? And what happens to the two heroes is the conclusion which has to be seen on the big screen.

Homam Performances

Jagapathi as an action packed hero does his best to suit the role. His rough looks on his face are apt for his role and his punching dialogue delivery captures the minds of the audience.

JD eases into his role and acts naturally as a cop and also as an informer to the criminals.

Mamta Mohan Das is limited to the songs and a scene. Her rain song with Jagapathi is worth appraisable as her body beauty is well capitalized in the song. She looks awesome in a blue sari.

Madhurima gets a petite role and is like a glam doll to JD.

Pradeep Rawat has done his cop role very well. His villainous character till date in the Telugu films was choked with the strict officer role in this film.

Mahesh Manjrekar gives his 100% to the film.

The comedy track lead by MS and Bhagwan is not up to the mark. It manages to raise some tickles.

Sakshi Sivanand is seen in an items song. It is noteworthy that mass audience will peep into the theatres only for Mamta’s skin show and Sakshi’s latkas and Jhatkas.

The film ends on a happy note as Jagapathi is appointed to work as an under cover cop in Pakistan to nab dreaded criminal Dawood Ibrahim.


The film is a total lift from the Hollywood blockbuster 'The Departed' and though this cannot be compared to the original since it is miles away in terms of performance and presentation, the film has made a good attempt. While the first half goes at full speed not leaving an inch of space to breathe, it is the second half when the momentum goes down suddenly and sentiment angle pours in which has spoiled the rhythm. The screenplay will not be understood by the audience if they miss out a scene or two. There is nothing for the mass audience in this so commercially it will not be a major success but technically a well made film and will definitely make profits out of this venture for its new approach.

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