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Film: Sangamam

Rating: 3/5

Banner: Manoranjan Entertainments

Gadde Sindhura
Rohit Khurana
Murali Mohan
Raghuram Reddy and others
Music: M M Keeravani

Camera: Jayaram & Sandeep Reddy

Director: Rasool Ellore

Producers: Ramana Pemmaraju, Kripakar Tadikonda

Released Date: July 11, 2008

A well told tale, the story begins with in the backdrop of a village where Samskruti (Sindhura) is the darling daughter of the village head Raghava Rao and both of them share a very affectionate relationship so much so that she even calls him by his name. Samskruthi is an excellent dancer and a very good singer too while Raghava Rao is respected by all villagers and farmers. However, he hits the roof on hearing the name of America since his brother Jagadish (Murali Mohan) had left him many years ago along with his brother despite giving his word that he would stay and Raghava Rao feels betrayed. A chance accident happens to Samskruthi and when the routine tests take place, the doctors discover that she is suffering from Cardiac Myopia which can be treated only at the US. With great reluctance, Raghava Rao sends her to Dr Geetha (Suhasini) but his intentions are respected by Samskruthi and she decides to stay away from meeting her uncle. Meanwhile, Raghava Rao's close friend passes the message to Jagadish and they plan in such a way that Samskruthi meets Sneha (Sarah) her cousin and in this process she also comes across Abhiram (Rohit) who falls for her at the first sight. Life goes on smoothly and Abhiram one day confesses his feelings for Samskruthi. Meanwhile, she also gets to know about the real identity of her uncle and her cousin and discovers the real reason for the misunderstanding between her father and her uncle. Added to this is the impending surgery. What happens from there? Is Abhiram successful in his love? What happens to Raghava Rao and Jagdish? All this forms the rest of the story.

The director has come out with a very clean subject and his thoughts were clear on the message. The presentation was excellent and though the narration lacked pace, it was going at a healthy speed. Full marks to the technical side - the music was spellbinding, camera was brilliant and Costumes were perfect. The script was simple and there were a few dialogues which caught the appreciation of the audience. The screenplay was impressive and though there few quick frames which were visually disturbing in the start, eventually everything settles down. Sindhura has proved that she is not just a glam doll oozing out her curves but also a very elegant actress, her expressions were apt and she has carried out her role with poise and grace. Rohit was energetic but he was looking weak, he needs to build flesh and cheeks on him to look healthy, his acting is nice and natural. Brahmanandam yet again has his own place with his typical comedy. Sarah was a real stunner, she must think of getting into more movies. Murali Mohan, Suhasini and the others did their roles with ease and it never looked like a very theatrical performance from any of them.


The film stands true to the title and starts off at a gentle pace, while the first half revolves around the lighter side of the story with romance, comedy and some interesting moments, the second half gets sentimental and though the intensity of the feelings is not over reactive it is good enough to taste and relish it. The film maker has also come out with few points like the importance of agriculture, respecting traditions, prejudices about America and other things. It is a film for the multiplex and the family audience who can sit back and enjoy the whole treat but mass audience will go nowhere near it. The highlight of the film is the deft handling of the emotional scenes and the reunion of the brothers is touching. If the film is promoted well, it will surely find the deserved recognition and has every chance of becoming a success.

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