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Rating :2.25/5
Banner :Megaa Super Good Films
Cast :Dr Rajasekhar, Meera Jasmine, Arthi Agarwal, Chandra Mohan, Venu Madhav, Sivaji Raja, Hema, Surekha, Banerjee, Surya and others
Music: SA Raj Kumar
Producer: SV Prasad, Paras Jain
Director: Vankineni Ratna Pratap
Released Date: July 04, 2007

A recycled treat, the story is about the hero (Rajasekhar) and his darling sister Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine) who can die for each other and stand as the ideal pair for the brother-sister relationship. They grow up together under the able guidance of their guardian (Chandramohan) since their father Sarvarayudu and mother (Rajasekhar and Meera Jasmine) have an untimely death due to an accident which is already predicted in the horoscopes of the hero and his sister. Apparently, Sarvarayudu and his wife are like gods for the people of the village as their every need is taken care of by him and they are also known for their kind nature and power. It is after performing several poojas and rituals that they are blessed with the two children and now the two are the ideal ones for those around. Meanwhile, the hero falls in love with Nandini (Arthi) who happens to be a poor girl in the village while Lakshmi falls in love with the businessman Akash (Akash). As is his nature of being protective about his sister, the hero gets into the house of Akash as a servant to ensure if he is the right match for Lakshmi. After getting completely satisfied, the marriage takes place and eventually the hero also marries Nandini. It is one happy tale of love and affection until one day the distant aunt of Nandini, Suryakantham arrives. Right from day one, she hits out at the Sarvarayudu fame and uses all her evil cards to ensure that both the brother and sister get separated and suffer. This is due to the flashback when her husband (Jeeva) dies and Suryakantham mistakes it is due to Sarvarayudu. Does she get successful in all her attempts? Will it be the victory of brotherly love or evil? All this forms the rest of the story.

The director has come out with a worn out subject and though he must be aware of this, he did not do much to make it interesting. His presentation was poor and the narration of the entire plot goes in an extreme manner which leaves no space for excitement. Equally bad were the technical aspects with a below average camerawork, very poor editing, weak script and amateur screenplay. The music which is the soul for a film has turned out to be a damp squib and except a lot of color and costumes on screen, there is nothing worthwhile. Dr Rajasekhar who is seen in a very soft spoken role tried his best to convey the emotions and attachments but then his role has not been etched out strongly so his potential is limited. Meera Jasmine has used her skills to the brim and proved that she is indeed a talented actress. Arthi needs to work very hard on her figure as she has blown out of proportion and looked very repulsive on few scenes. Chandramohan, Sivaji Raja, Banerjee deliver their roles with ease and elegance and the others have done their bit to add value. Venu Madhav needs a mention here for his vibrant performance and comedy which was a relief.

This is a remake of the Kannada hit 'Annan Thangi' and one is not sure what the real objective of the movie is but then right from the word go, the film is all about sentiment, emotions and overflowing attachments which look far too clich├ęd for a layman also. Equally bad is the second half which takes the peak of sentiments and the final nail on the head is hit with an absolutely ridiculous climax which surely causes surprise for the viewers. Only a miracle can save this film from sinking entirely at the box office and it is about time the makers have a look at the small screen before they think of such subjects as the viewers have seen them all.

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