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Rating: 3/5

Banner: R R Movie makers

Cast: Nitin, Mamta Mohandas, Shashank, Sindhu Tolani, Duvvasi Mohan, Ashutosh Rana, Ravi Kondala Rao, Tanikella, Raghu Babu, Supreeth, Ajay, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, Ali and others

Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar

Music: Chakri

Direction: Ravi C Kumar

Producer: Venkat

Released Date: June 27, 2008


A meaningful treat, the film starts with Vijay Chandra (Nitin) who is a perfect bachelor when it comes to looks and physique and a man with an ambition to become an IPS officer. While he is trying to concentrate on his goal, his father (Tanikella) is busy trying to set his son's personal life by looking out for a perfect girl. Vijay has his group of friends Ravi (Shashank) who owns an electronics shop, Satyam (Duvvasi) who works in a buffalo shed owned by his dad. Vijay's father gets to identify a suitable match when he comes across the profile of Janaki (Mamta Mohandas) and gets to speak to her. However, Janaki takes some time since she wants her ailing grandpa Pingali Venkatramaiah (Ravi Kondalarao) to get alright. Meanwhile, she bumps across Vijay and likes him at the first instant when she comes for Ravi's shop inspection. On the other hand, there is a big feud happening between MLA Devaraj (Ashutosh) and Pandu (Supreeth) and both of them race against each other to devour as many lands as possible in the city. Their issue ends with Devaraj killing Pandu but then his path crosses with Vijay when he sets eyes on the 500 acre land of Seetharamaiah society which has been gifted by Pingali Venkaiah, one of them happens to be Vijay's father and along with him many other middle class people who have their dreams. With a heinous plot, Devaraj manages to take over the said land and this brings about a storm in many lives. Vijay, Ravi who have been experiencing trouble with Devaraj in earlier instances realize that this is the limit and now Vijay starts conceiving a plan to counter the evil deeds of Devaraj. In this process, he is supported by the media person Sindhu (Sindhu Tolani) who becomes the love interest for Ravi and few other like minded people. Does Vijay get successful with the big and powerful Devaraj, how is the land dispute resolved, watch the film to know the outcome.


The director has come up with a very decent effort on highlighting the current issues happening in the society along with the need for the public to gather awareness about their social responsibilities. The narration is neat and the presentation was perfect. He has been well supported by the camera with some nice capturing moments and lighting effects and also some crisp editing but then he has been let down by the music which was just average. The costumes were very elegant and trendy unlike the regular flashy outfits which make a mess out of the artistes. The script was tight and the screenplay was sensible, dialogues were not dull. Coming to the cast, Nitin looks good in his new physique and has done a fair job in dance and fights, however, he still needs to work on his expressions and dialogue delivery.
Mamta added her tinge of beauty and provided decent glamour and she is a very realistic beauty so her presence is a visual feast, Sindhu Tolani is getting onto the track and has come out with some good expressions and looks pretty in few angles, Shashank did not have much to do performance wise while Duvvasi did his entertaining role very well. Tanikella was effective, Ashutosh Rana did his job professionally but the real evil comes out on the face of Supreeth who is an apt choice. Ajay came and went without a word. The comedy track was not convincing and could have been better. Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu episodes were dull. M S Narayana again has come with a pretty good performance and his satirical view at the system is definitely worth thinking. The romance angle was not concentrated well. The others were just about okay.


Though land mafia appeared to be the subject, the director was trying to convey a deeper message that it is essential for the people in the society to have unity for a better future. The first ten minutes of the film are truly worth appreciating and the first half goes on with a good pace but amateur romantic plots. The second half is equally racy and without much noise, the message was conveyed clearly to the audience with the regular commercial elements. The film has been made with equal proportions of everything and though there were few hiccups here and there, overall it has come out effectively. Success is written on the cards for this film and perhaps a gentle push from the makers will make it more aggressive to reach maximum audience.

Worth watching once, a good and sincere effort to bring social consciousness!!!

Courtesy : Bharatstudent.com

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