Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Rating: 1.25/5

Banner: Ravsan films

Tanikella Bharani
Jayaprakash Reddy
M S and others
Music: Mano

Director: Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao

Producer: Y Venkat Rao

Released Date: June 06, 2008


A stale story, the film begins with the life of Sombabu (Ali) who knows nothing but lazing out life as it comes. His tendency towards laziness is so high that even folks around him get influenced and start taking the same path which sets out a fear of sorts among the village people. But then Sombabu is a man with a good heart and believes in helping others. Things take a turn when Sombabu comes across Rohini (Ruksha) and falls for her at the first sight. His feelings are not reciprocated by Rohini who treats him very lightly and to add to his woes, he gets framed in a theft and is put behind the bars. The urge to win Rohini's heart and the will to prove his innocence transforms the lazy Sombabu into a hard working person and soon he takes up his first assignment as a watchman. His efforts to woo Rohini still continue in this process and simultaneously he starts climbing the ladder of success in his life. At one point, he becomes a successful multimedia designer and wins the accolades of his colleagues and even goes to Dubai. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


The director has come out with a motive to show the transition of a person but has failed miserably in its presentation and the narrative. He was not too well supported by the editing and the screenplay departments and the script had very dilute contents. The camera could not capture the scenic locales despite canning in Dubai and editing seemed to be on vacation when the film was being made. The only saving grace for the film seemed to be two songs which have been made very well and the background score at few instants was good. Ali has done his best to come up with a strong performance but then his character has been etched weakly which fired against him. Ruksha had not much to offer except breezing in and out, Bharani was under-utilized. Jeeva, Jayaprakash Reddy could not give their best since their roles were limited. The rest of the cast do not need any mention.


The idea of portraying the life of an individual from no work to hard work is a good thought but then it is necessary that the plot has to be built basing on the story line and not by getting things from different angles and filling them in the story. The film lost out due to that aspect and the director who is known for his intellectual strength failed to conceive his thoughts on the screen in the right manner. While the first half takes off on an okay mode with the required elements it is the second half where things go absolutely wrong. It will be hard for the movie to sustain a fortnight at the theatres unless a miracle happens.

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