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Rating: 2.25/5
Banner: Sapara Creations
Cast: Venkat, Tulip Joshi, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ali, Banerjee, Latha Sabharwal, Johnny Lever
Music: Raju Rao
Camera : S Arun Kumar
Director: Raju Rajendra Prasad
Producers: Satish Paulraj, Abraham Kalvakuri
Released Date: July 28, 2008


A suspense tale, the film begins with a murder incident of a beautiful woman (Latha Sabharwal) and after few hours in the same place, a beautiful girl (Tulip Joshi) is seen who is just loitering around in the well designed home. Few frames later, a stranger (Venkat) arrives on the scene and he goes upstairs. Both the boy and girl spend some time without being aware of each other's presence and guessing that someone is around. They get to realize it with the arrival of a thief (Ali) who comes with the intention of a burglary. The thief ties them both assuming them to be husband and wife and wants to burgle the house but has a shock of his life when he discovers a dead body (Ashish). To add to the woes, a police inspector Vijay Krishna (Banerjee) arrives and a lot of confusion and chaos happens. In this process, the stranger wriggles free from the clutches of the burglar only to discover that there is another dead body (Latha) in the refrigerator. How did the dead bodies appear? Who are those people? How come Venkat and Tulip don't know each other living in the same place? Why does the inspector appear from nowhere? All this forms the rest of the story.


Venkat is muscular and healthy as usual. But his dialogue delivery is still childish. He needs to improve on that. Tulip Joshi is very attractive and played her role in adequate form. Benerjee as police cop is right choice. Ali's comedy is ok. Johnny Lever made his appearance on screen in a guest appearance but no dialogue for him. Ashish Vidyarthi and Latha Sabarwal are ok.

The director has come out with perhaps a very new concept which has never been experienced in the Telugu cinema before. The presentation was perfect but then the narration part lost out, full marks to the technical department especially the camera work and the lighting effects, even the location was good. The music was excellent when heard individually but then it was not in sync with the film, sometimes it was loud and blaring and sometimes it was too pacy for a scene. Editing was upto the mark. Venkat has come back after a long time but then there is no improvement in his dialogue delivery, emotions are missing during voice modulation and facially it is nil. Tulip Joshi was present for a tinge of glamour and despite her pedal pushers outfit, her luscious body cannot be missed, not much was there for her as far as acting goes. The real show stealer was Ali who brought life into the movie with his expressions and he has shown his experience as a senior star. Banerjee was apt as the cop, Ashish Vidyarthi did his brief role with ease, Latha had too much of make up on her at few instances but she exhibited fear properly. Johnny Lever was there for three seconds to be exact.

What is 'new' in this?

No dialogues in first half
Entry of Bollywood Comedian Johnny Lever in last scene of the film
Entire film runs only inside the bungalow


The film has come across as a scoop from the European thrillers and mystery movies and it was more like a film festival material. The first half of the film starts on a dull mode and there is not a word spoken during the entire session. It is the second half which changes the story and gets momentum and a quick climax connects the dots together to take the film to its destination. Technically and conceptually, the film is well made but with respect to entertainment and appeal it is very hard for it to prove its presence at the box office. Appreciations to the makers for coming out courageously with a new idea and this could well be a very different approach in the Telugu industry when it comes to film making.

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Nagrockz said...

jhonney lever first appeared in Criminal not Konchem kotha ga...correct this

muralikrishna said...

hi nagrockz thanks for the information i have changed the post...

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