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Story :

Pothuraju alias PR(Prakash raj) kills a close friend &his family and rob their money.He leaves his family&village and after 20years he is a Don operating from Hong kong
involved in many illegal activities.His friend Seshu(Ashish Vidyarthi) looks after his activities in India.Kranti aka kaNTRi(NTR) is an orphan living in an orphanage run by Daiva
Sahayam(Kota Srinivasarao).He joins in PR gang and impress him within no time.When Kranti is in need of money to help a friend in critical condition,Seshu reject to
support him.Enraged Kranti forms his own gang and accept an offer to kill PR & his gang.When PR and Kranti come face to face and are ready to kill each other,Daiva
Sahayam reveals a secret about Kranti to PR.What's it & how it changes their plans for each other forms rest of the story.


NTR rocks in Kantri ! He is absolutely brilliant in every aspect.His unparalleled dancing abilities,killer looks,terrific performance in action sequences and excellent
dialogue delivery together made the film a treat to watch.
Debutant( for Telugu screen)director Meher Ramesh did a wonderful job as a writer& director.Unlike many other so-called Stylish directors,he stuffed the movie with Style &
substance resulting in some very enjoyable action episodes & confrontation scenes with heavy applause from audience.
Hansika is Ok,the love track between the lead pair isn't much impressive.Sexy Tanisha didn't impress much.
Music by Mani Sarma is Ok. Choreography for the songs Vayassunami,I go Crazy standsout.
Action(Stun Siva), Cinematography(Sameer Reddy) are impressive.
Comedy is less when compared to action but it is impressive.
First half is Very good.


second half is just Ok.Though it has a pretty good dance number( I go Crazy) and a surprising twist towards the climax, the second half treads the beaten track with more
action scenes leaving less space to others.
The film is lengthy ( 2:45 mins)
& Just like any other mass film this film too has some serious logic errors but won't do much damage at the Box Office.

NTR is in attacking mode.kaNTRi has some dialogues which can send jitters in the industry circles & Politic sections.

Public Talk :

A thorough entertainer for Fans & Masses.Paisa Vasool flick for all others.

Industry Talk :

Super success assured.Good mass entertainer,Chopping the length will be much appreciated.

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