Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Mohan Babu
Kota Srinivas Rao
Prakash Raj
Sunil and others.

Music: Sandeep Chowta
Direction: Puri Jagannath
Producer: KS Rama Rao

Puri Jagannath comes up with another action flick after his POKIRI, DESAMUDURU & CHIRUTHA. This film is a mass film with all the ingredients of action, love, sentiment and skin show. According to the body language of Prabhas this film suits him well and the story has been neatly carved around his action image.


Bujjigadu (Prabhas) and Chitti (Trisha) become friends from neighbors. Over a petty issue which can also be termed as a silly issue, Chitti gets angry with Bujji and tells him that she will not speak to him till 12 years. However Bujji tries to persuade Chitti to take back her words and again talk to him. But Chitti is adamant on her punishment and lives up to it. But Bujjigadu unable to resist speaking to his best friend Chitti decides to run away and migrates to Chennai from his home town Vishakapatnam.

For 12 years Bujji grows in Chennai as a die hard fan of Superstar Rajnikanth. Then when he comes to know that 12 years have passed by, he returns to his hometown in Vishakaatnam only to know the fact that Chitti along with her family has vacated the place as soon as he left for Chennai in his childhood.

Meanwhile, Bujji in search of work comes into the vicinity of Kota Srinivas Rao and his sons. They are the mafia gangsters and Kota is the mafia leader. They hatch a plan to kill their rival Sivanna and appoint Bujji to full fill the job of killing Sivanna. Initially Bujjigadu resists, but is lured by a sum of 1 crore rupees which is offered by Kota and his sons if Bujji succeeds in killing their mafia Rival Sivanna.

Accepting the offer Bujjigadu starts for Hyderabad to kill Sivanna. Bujjigadu also comes to know that his childhood best friend Chitti is also in Hyderabad. So for succeeding in fulfilling both his desires Bujji lands in Hyderabad. In an attempt to kill Sivanna, Bujji hurts himself very badly by the followers of Sivanna. Sivanna gets bowled over by the guts of Bujji and invites him to his house.

There Bujji learns that Chitti is a sister to Sivanna and gets treated in the house of Sivanna for quite sometime. Incidentally Sivanna learns that Bujji is a child hood friend of Chitti from his hometown Vishakapatnam.

Sivanna requests Bujji that his sister must not know his identity as she hates people who are violent in the society and who are evil in the society. Bujji accepts to do so.

The rest of the story is a thrilling climax, but all ends well and Prabhas meets his friend turned lover at the end.


Prabhas consecutively according to his body language act as a mass cum action hero in this movie. The action scenes are shot well and Prabhas looks apt for the scenes and the punching dialogues.

Trisha looks good in modern clothes and her sexy revealing costumes which show u s something extra than usual. Sanjana who made her debut in Telugu with this film has shown some of her secret parts liberally. She is only a glam doll in the film and acts well as a younger sister to Trisha.

Sivanna which is a character played by Dr. Mohan Babu is a highlight in this film. One can say that he is a highlight and the screen charmer in this film. His mannerisms and his punch filled dialogues are filled with entertainment. He acts well as a dreaded criminal in one scene and as a caring brother in another screen. This acting combination is a superb combination of Mohan Babu’s multi talents and he suits the villain’s role perfectly.

The rest of the characters played by Ali, Kota, Ahuthi, Subbaraju, Raja ravindra and Ms support the screen play of the film.

The comedy scenes and the masala dialogues between Prabhas and Trisha bring in some entertainment to class as well mass audience.

Music by Sandeep Chowta is average. But in some choreographic moments the songs look dull as the lyrics are compressed hard to make them fit into the music.

Prabhas and Mumaith Khan’s item song is very well shot.

As usual like a typical Puri Jagan’s film the first half is speedy and interesting. Where as the second half of the movie lacks the punch and looks dull and lengthy.

Prabhas will be satisfied with this movie as it looks as if it is a new life for his drooling film career. But for Puri, this film might not rekindle the blockbuster magic.

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