Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Direction: B Jaya

Sayaji Shinde
Kovai Sarala and others
Music: Jessie Gift

Released on: 04/04/2008

Tirupathi (Bharath) is an orphan who is raised by the kind hearted people residing in a slum. Tirupathi is a nice hearted guy. He makes a living by selling movie tickets in the black. Sayaji Shinde is a police officer. He hires Tirupathi as a police informer and manages to bust the drug peddlers, illicit liquor brewers, counterfeit currency dealers, arms dealers etc. The inspector later realizes that all this is the side business of the minister.Suhani is a spoiled and short tempered girl haling from a well do family. Suhani and Tirupathi meet in rather unpleasant circumstances and the two hate one another.Sayaji Shinde gets promoted as an ACP and he gives a booze party. Sayaji and Tirupathi are punch drunk and Sayaji challenges Tirupathi that an uneducated slum dweller like him can never win the heart of a class girl. He agrees to give ten lakh rupees to Tirupathi if he can make his daughter say ‘I Love You’ to him in 30 days time.Tirupathi accepts the challenge (Sawaal). As can be expected, the girl is none other than the hot headed Suhani. The rest of the story is how the hero manages to make the girl fall in love and win the bet.Just when we think that the film has ended after Suhani says ‘I love You’ to Tirupathi, the director prolongs the story by bringing in the villain, a corrupt minister, who is involved in all the illegal activities in the city. After some more twists and turns and giving ample chance to the hero to show his heroism, the film finally ends with Sayaji Shinde agreeing to the marriage of his daughter with Tirupathi.

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