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Reccords of Jalsa:

Jalsa is breaking the records of South Indian Super Star Rajini Kanth’s Sivaji records. The film Sivaji was released in 850 theaters worldwide.

Now Power star Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa was released in 1000 theatres today worldwide. The film is getting very positive talk and the film is likely to break the collection records of Sivaji, if it so, the film will set new records in the south Indian film industry in collections.

First day First show ticcket costs just Rs 10.000/- only........

Some of Mega fans who are studying their engineering course in Udaygiri engineering college spent Rs10,000 to each ticket of Jalsa to watch the film on the first day first show. As for the information available, there were 10 engineering students who watched the film yesterday in Nellore by Rs10,000 per each ticket.

It is quite surprising but some times fans behave in abnormal manner.

Jalsa Dialogues:

nenu margadarsi lo cheranu ......nela nela podupu chesi o illu konukkunnanu".This is the Margadarshi chit fund advertisement. It is very familiar add to every one from Andhra Pradesh.

Trivikram Sreenivas who is known for satire in writing dialogues, utilized this ad in his film Jalsa wher Pawan Kalyan goes to a Gunda to find out the villain and says a dialogue to tha Gunda.........."
nenu margadarsi lo cheranu.... o gun konukkunnanu".

This dialogue makes the entire theatre in to laughs & claps and whistles.

In another occasion Ileana says "
Naaku Privacy kavali...."

Pawan reacts as
"Naaku Aishwarya rai kavali....."

There are so many such dialogues in the film and the entire credit goes to Maatala Matrikudu Trivikram Sreenivas.

1. Pawan introduction dialogue:

Chiranjeevi cinema ki first roju ticketu….naa lanti vaadi ki fightlo roddu….chala lucky ga dorukutayi….

dorikaka time waste cheyyakoodadu

2. Ileana’s friend to Ileana:

Veedevadu…..bakka chikkina chiranjeevi la vunnadu ????

3.Maheshbabu introduces pavan:

“Yuddam lo gelavatam ante sathruvuni champatam kadhu..sethruvu ni oodinchina vaade nijamaina yodhudu… alanti naa snehithudu sanjay sahu….”

4.Prakash Raj’s dialogue with Pawan Kalyan…

nuvvantha kalisi nelaku 3 velu rupayalu kuda sampadincha levu naa alludu lakshallo sampadistadu. anduke koti rupayalu katnam ichi naa kuturu pelli chestunna.....

Pawan—"aa koti rupayalu nake ivvu.....neeku nelaki 3 lakshala rupayalu aadayam ga sampadichi istanu."

Pawan's inspiring dialogues:

1.meru epudu ayna adavini amma la chusara....

2.oka potta annam thenakunda unte adhi upavasam
ratri antha mallakuva gaa unte adhi jagaram
chethi loo kati pattu kunii thala dhegara una narakaka povadam manavatham

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