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JALSA 2008

Banner: Geeta Arts

Pawan Kalyan
Prakash Raj
Mukesh Rishi
Parvathi Melton
Kamalinee Mukherji
Shayaji shinde.

Direction: Trivikram Srinivas

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Producer: Allu Arvind

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has come up with a hit this time. The lean patch in his career seems to be over now. This time, Pawan has come up with a total family entertainer which has an amalgamation of Comedy, fights, sentiment, emotions and overall total entertainment and is worth for each penny. Though the second half looks shaped out, the climax still is unpredictable and super entertaining.

The movie starts with the generic voice of
Prince Mahesh Babu, who introduces himself as a friend to Pawan Kalyan who plays the character of Sanjay in this movie. Sanjay (Pawan Kalyan) is introduced in the first frame as a boozer who is obsessed with the education. The get –up given to him belongs to this generation, but will make the audience memorize as yesteryears Devdas.

In the illustration for this, Kamalinee Mukherji is introduced as a lover of Pawan Kalyan who has a father which is played by Prakash Raj. Though the narration is brief, but generates a lot of interest and makes us feel as if we are involved in the characters. After this frame in a comic fashion, though it hurts Sanjay (Pawan Kalyan), is zoomed to another scene where the hero Sanjay attends the marriage of Kamalinee Mukherji with another person.
Then the next frame is shown and is marked as after 52 weeks. In this frame Ileana and Parvathi Melton enter the life of Sanjay (Pawan) and the incident is captured with a fighting sequence which highlights the skills of Pawan and makes him a true hero.

Then after this scene, little bit of Comedy is sprinkled for next few minutes and Ileana wins the heart of Sanjay (Pawan) with the help of the noted comedian Sunil. He erupts into the film and generates some comedy and due to his comic touch as well as some heart touching incidents, Ileana and Pawan fall in love.
Meanwhile, the next frame introduces the villain of the film which is played by Mukesh Rishi and is coupled by the comedian cum villain Tanikella Bharani. Mukesh is introduced as a dreaded factionist who never cares any law and any person and almost rules the entire region and clutches it in his fists. Though Mukesh runs his entire evil works from the jail, it looks realistic and also is possible in today’s world. The land takeover scene is well captured in the camera lens.

While Mukesh works on the sidelines, then again the songs, love making scenes and well portrayed scenic location entertain the audience and make them glued to the seats. However on the side track the war against Mukesh and Sanjay (Pawan) is well carved and makes the audience tense that some thing big may strike the hero in the form of the dreaded villain Mukesh Rishi as the hero is totally ignorant about what is happening and about the moves of the villain.Mukesh Rishi in an incident traces Sanjay (Pawan) and tries to get hold of him, but his actions go in vein as he decides to kill Pawan after making him suffer a hell on earth. Meanwhile, Sanjay is unaware about all this which is cooking behind him and merrier his way.

From then the chase of the hero and the villain begins, but it can be reviewed as only the villain’s chase as the hero is ignorant about the villain and his moves. In a scene Pawan saves Ali, and reveals emotionally that his child hood was a hell and this is due to poverty. But his dialogues and his body language does not suit this variety of heavy loaded senti’s. It makes the audience remember, about his initial stages of his career, like his films “Akkada Ammayi -Ikkada Abbai” which had heavy loaded dialogues in the middle and in the climax.Then the Interval Break is given Guys, cheer up! Gets some popcorn and cool drinks

The story after the interval start with Pawan starting his childhood saga, as he narrates to his friend how miserable his childhood life was and how he succeeded from his young life to his present age. This also brings on the screen, about his Naxalite life and the reason for joining their organization of Naxalism. Though the reason is well strong in its place, but the story starts to deviate a little bit from its usual entertaining part. Sanjay (Pawan) is also promoted as a commander in chief in the naxals group and to bring some cheer in the audience faces, Mahesh Voice is edited into the narration and this truly brings some relief in the minds of the audience.
Suddenly some group of Naxal’s mob the hero and the reason for it is suspense. Adding to this Prakash Raj also enters the story again as a police officer and what happens in the climax is a suspense which has to be seen on the big silver screen.

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