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Raghu Babu

Krishna Bhagawan


Chandra Mohan

Telangana Sakuntala


Venu Madhav


Rajeev Kanakala

Vinod Kumar

Jayaprakash Reddy and others

: Srilekha

: Raja Vannemreddy

: J Sambasiva Rao, C Varaprasad

Release date
: April 25, 2004
Story: A regular entertainer, the story begins with Ramudu (Raghu Babu) and Kamudu (Krishna Bhagawan) in the village of Poduru near Rajahmundry. They are more like imbeciles and their acts often land them in trouble but then they are attached to their uncle (Chandramohan) and aunty (Telangana Sakuntala) who bring them up like their own children. They also have a darling sister who gets married to Jagadish Prasad (Vinod Kumar) who lives in the US and after many years they come back to Hyderabad and start a business. The sister comes to village and takes both Ramudu and Kamudu along with her to the city for a better lifestyle. She also has the intention of getting one of them married to her only daughter Kavya (Rambha). Unfortunately, when Jagadish Prasad decides to give the ownership to Kavya, his partners betray him and they end up with nothing. In that stress, he drives rashly and ends up meeting with an accident and both Jagadish and his wife get killed. With nothing left for them, Ramudu and Kamudu come back to the village along with Kavya and decide to give her the best of life. Meanwhile, they hear about a letter written by their dead sister which referred to Kavya's marriage with one of them and from then on they start putting their best foot forward to win her heart. Who is the winner forms the rest of the story. On the sidetrack, there is Midatha (Venu Madhav), Stalin (Brahmanandam), Konda (Kondavalasa) adding their bit to the story.
A very predictable subject with nothing special to offer, the director has presented in a very boring manner and the narration is aloof. Though the background score and one or two beats were good, not very special tunes are there. Editing could have been a lot better, the script was stale and the screenplay had no significant role to play. The camera was okay and captured the foreign locales and the village scenes as per standards. The movie looked a lot in favor of Raghu Babu as his screen presence was felt strongly while Krishna Bhagawan was in the back seat with his regular witty lines. The comeback efforts of Rambha may not help her as the role was limited and there was no real need for her to come up with any powerful scenes, however she still has some charm left in her. L B Sriram was good with his comedy along with Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam looked artificial. Rajeev Kanaka had only three lines in total. The library scenes showing NTR, ANR, Krishna was heart rendering but the print was poor. The others like Vinod Kumar, Jayaprakash Reddy were okay.

If entertainment was the key, then the film maker must ensure that there is a lot of pace in the script along with some really rib tickling comedy. The first half was dull and lacked the speed, the second half looked a bit with momentum but lost its connection with unwanted scenes of comedy and songs. It is really very hard for the movie to make its money which was evident from the theatres showing only 40% attendance on the opening day.

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