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Uttej is a familiar artist to most of the telugu film audience. He started his acting career from Siva. Followed by are Gaayam, Money (as the bachelor getting married who dreams about Urmila), Master and many others. The following is a brief chat with Uttej

I am from Hyderabad. Graduated with B Sc from City college. Entered the film industry as an assistant director. I worked as an apperentice for the movie "Kallu". As an assistant director, first movie is ANR's "Raogari Illu" directed by Tharani. RamGopalVarma used to come on the sets for observation. And I got in touch with him. From then on I worked with RamGopalVarma as associate director from Siva till Rangeela, 14 films. Acted in few of those films too. And more over I am very much intrested in acting. And got more chances towards that. So here I am. I worked for more than 197 movies after coming into films in 1989.

How did cinema become your interest?
My grand father and father are completely involved in dramas and stage shows. They are writers also. Naturally, I had an inclination towards acting and becoming an actor. When I came to Hyderabad for education, I used to participate in Puppet shows, Radio dramas, mimes, magic shows, TV serials. I struggled a lot. In my childhood I used to like NTR garu. When I came to college, I became a fan of Chiranjeevi. I wanted to take a picture with him atleast. When I got a chance to act with him in 1996, I was very happy. I am a big fan of Chiranjeevi garu.

Are you married?
Yes and I have a daughter.

Any plans on going back to direction
I will definitely direct. I need some more experience and maturity.

What is your goal
I want to become a big celebrity. Be it as a director or an actor.



1. Chirutha (2007) .... Uttej
2. Classmates (2007)
3. Tappu Chesi Pappu Koodu (2002)
4. Chinna (2001)
5. Master (1997)
6. Gaayam (1993) .... Yadgiri
7. Shiva (1989/I) .... Yadgiri

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:

1. Drohi (1992) (assistant director)
2. Raat (1992) (assistant director)
3. Shiva (1989/I) (assistant director)

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