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Release Date: :26th November 2004
Banner: SP Films
Direction: Sashi Kumar
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Story: Sashi Kumar
Screenplay: Sashi Kumar
Dialogues: Rajasekhar Reddy
Cinematography: Ratnavel
Producer: N Jayasree
Thalaivasal Vijay,
Manicka Vinayagam,
Kalai Rani
Story: Chanti (Surya) is an ugly-looking hunchback (goonivaadu). Though his appearance is bad, he is very good at heart. He extends his help to everybody he comes across. Kamala (Jyotika) is a blind girl, who seeks the help of Chanti in the troubled time. Karthik (Surya) is a handsome hunk who is in love with Priya (Jyotika), daughter of a police commissioner (Devan).
Karthik and Priya decide to elope as Priya's father is against their love. They seek the help of Chanti. In the process, Priya is killed by a criminal. Chanti witnesses this gory incident. However he maintains his silence, as he fears for his life. Karthik is held responsible for Priya's death. Meanwhile, Priya who was a voluntary eye-donor, has her eyes transplanted to Kamala
Karthik comes to know about Priya's eyes and visits Kamala. Kamala happens to see Karthik first and mistakes him to be Chanti. Chanti - suffering from inferiority complex - evades from Kamala fearing that she would not accept him in her life because he is hunchback and unattractive. The rest of the story is about whom Kamala weds and how Karthik seeks revenge on his lover's killer.

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