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Date of Birth: 30 May 1903, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India Date of Death: 1973, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India Trivia: Father of Lakshmi and grandfather of Aishwarya Rai

Y.V.Rao( Yaragudipati Varada Rao) was born in Nellore.He entered cine field in 1920 at Bombay.He played some roles in mookie movies.Then he worked as a assistant to R.S.Prakash.He was first directed Sarangadhara in 1930.He directed kannada film Sathi sulochana in 1934.That film was super hit in kannada.In 1937 he directed Chintamani film in tamil ,that movie was super hit in tamil.In1939 his ‘Malli Pelli’movie discussed about widow marriages.He had a good personality ,so he played so many roles.He was the father of actress Lakshmi and grand father of Ishwarya.In 1941 he directed Savitri film ,in that movie Bharata ratna M.S.Subba lakshmi played narada role.

What ever it may be he directed so many films in telugu,tamil,kannada with social elements and achieved good success.

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1. Hennina Balu Kanneru (1963)

2. Nagarjuna (1961/I)

3. Nagarjuna (1961/II)

4. Shri Krishna Garudi (1958/II)

5. Manjari (1953)
6. Manavati (1952)
7. Lavangi (1950)
8. Ramadas (1948)
9. Lavangi (1946)
10. Tahsildar (1944)

11. Satyabhama (1942)

12. Savithri (1941)
13. Vishwamohini (1940)

14. Malli Pelli (1939)
15. Bhakta Meera (1938)

16. Swarnalatha (1938)

17. Naganand (1935/I)

18. Naganand (1935/II)

19. Sati Sulochana (1934/II)
20. Hari Maya (1932)
21. Pandava Agyathavas (1930)
22. Sarangadhara (1930)

23. Shri Subramanyam (1930)


1. Tahsildar (1944) .... Kamesham

2. Satyabhama (1942) .... Krishna
3. Vishwamohini (1940) .... Purshottam

4. Malli Pelli (1939) .... Sunder Rao

5. Sati Sulochana (1934/II)


1. Tahsildar (1944) (story)

2. Vishwamohini (1940) (story)

3. Malli Pelli (1939)


1. Tahsildar (1944) (producer)

2. Satyabhama (1942) (producer)

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