Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Date of Birth:
1902, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

He was husband of famous actress kannamba.He produced and directed so many films.But In endinding days he faced so many financial problems.
He introduced so many persons to cine industry.

as: Director,

1. Thali Bhagyam (1966)

2. Usha Kalyanam (1966)

3. Chaduvukonna Bharya (1965)

4. Apta Mithrulu (1963)

5. Dakshayagnam (1962/I)

6. Dakshayagnam (1962/II)

7. Usha Parinayam (1961)

8. Dharmane Jayam (1960)

9. Veer Bhaskaradu (1959)

10. Sati Ansuya (1957)

11. Sati Savitri (1957/I)

12. Sati Savitri (1957/II)

13. Naga Panchami (1956/I)

14. Shri Krishna Tulabharam (1955/I)

15. Sati Sakkubai (1954)

16. Lakshmi (1953/I)

17. Lakshmi (1953/II)

18. Enzhai Vazhavan (1952)

19. Pedaraitu (1952)

20. Saudamini (1951/I)

21. Saudamini (1951/II)

22. Navajeevanam (1949)

23. Tulasi Jalandhar (1947)

24. Paduka Pattabhishekham (1945)

25. Sumati (1942)


1. Apta Mithrulu (1963) (producer)

2. Dakshayagnam (1962/I) (producer)

3. Usha Parinayam (1961) (producer)

4. Anna Thamudu (1958) (producer)

5. Shri Krishna Maya (1958) (producer)

6. Shri Krishna Tulabharam (1955/I) (producer)

7. Saudamini (1951/I) (producer)

8. Saudamini (1951/II) (producer)

9. Paduka Pattabhishekham (1945) (producer)

10. Sumati (1942) (producer)

11. Talliprema (1941) (producer)

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