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Haranath was born Haranath Raju on Sep 25, 1935 in Kakinada. He acted in a number of plays during his college days, and won many awards. One day while buying shoes in Pandi Bazaar, Director Gutta Ramineedu saw him and selected him for the hero's role in the movie, 'Maa Inti Mahalakshmi' that he was going to make. His performance in the movie earned him a place next only to that of ANR and NTR. For his first venture as producer and director, NTR picked Haranath for the role of Lord Sri Rama in 'Sitarama Kalyanam'. The song sequence, 'Andala o chilaka, anduko na lekha,' featuring Haranath in the movie 'Letamanasulu' enthralled the whole of Andhra Pradesh those days. Movies like Palamanasulu, Pelliroju, etc., with Haranath and Jamuna as the lead pairs were tremendous successes. He acquitted himself well as Lord Sri Rama in 'Sri Rama Katha' too. His performance as Krishna in 'Bhishma' is unforgettable. Equally unforgettable is his action along with NTR in Palnati Yuddham, Punyavathi, Gundamma Katha, Adapaduchu and Chittichellulu. Addicted to drink, he had to content himself with guest roles in the later movies. His last role was that of the father in 'Nagu' casting Chiranjeevi as the hero. He died on Nov 1, 1988 in Madras.



1. Gadasari Attaha Sosagara Kodalu (1981)
2. Bala Bharatam (1972) .... Narada
3. Bhale Papa (1971)
4. Kathanayika Molla (1970) .... Lord Vishnu
5. Sridevi (1970)
6. Thalli Thandrulu (1970) .... Anand
7. Challani Needa (1968)
8. Nadimantrapu Siri (1968)
9. Bhakta Prahlada (1967/I) .... Lord Vishnu
10. Bhakta Prahlada (1967/II)
11. Chadarangam (1967)
12. Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna (1967)
13. Letha Manasulu (1966)
14. Shri Krishna Pandaviyam (1966) .... Abhimanyu
15. Chandrahasa (1965/I)
16. Amarshilpi Jakanna (1964)
17. Murali Krishna (1964) .... Lakshmikantam
18. Pempudu Kuthuru (1963)
19. Gundamma Katha (1962) .... Prabhakar
20. Bhishma (1962) .... Lord Krishna
21. Kalasivunte Kaladu Sukham (1961) .... NTR's brother
22. Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam (1961) .... Lord Rama
23. Runanubandham (1960)
24. Maa Inti Mahalakshmi (1959)

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